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Which Grow Tent Should I Buy?

Video Transcript:

Hi, I am Chris from of Aqua gardening.

If you want to grow indoors, you probably don’t want all that light spilling out into your room or kitchen 20 hours a day. The answer is a grow tent. Grow tents are great little rooms which help you make the perfect growing environment for you plants. I mean perfect – providing more light than it is possible to get from the sun; heating or cooling the air so it is at the right level for your plant; keeping pests out, and protecting your house from spills and smell.

You can expect your hydronic system plants to grow 3 times faster with a good grow tent, so the tents pay for themselves in no time at all! You can enjoy safe, healthy food year round, with a fraction of the effort it takes to grow outside.

To choose a grow tent, you will need to have an idea of the space you have available for the tent, the amount of produce you want to grow and the budget you have in mind. Grow tents vary in quality, and for the same size tent the bottom of the range tent will cost about 20% of those at the top of the range.

This is because the best are made with quality components and have more great features that you may not notice straight away.

Plan to buy a tent which will give you enough access to reach through to the plants along the back. You could also consider one which can open on the side for access to the plants from another angle.

When it comes to your budget, consider the quality of zips, tent fabric and frame.

Zips are extremely important, if you’re opening it up once or twice a day, every day, you want a strong zip that won’t pull off due to poor stitching, or get stuck halfway up due to cheap teeth. You’re not just using this tent for a short camping trip, you’re using it for food production!

The material the tent is made of is also very important. Better quality material will reflect more light down to the plants, and won’t have a surface that starts peeling after 6 months of use. A plastic viewing window in the wall is useful to take a quick view of the plants.

Next consider the frame of the tent. If you’re hanging an LED unit or a carbon filter at the top of the tent, you need a strong frame which can support up to 30 kilograms of weight. Some tent manufacturers claim you can hang from their tent frames – this is the strong type of tent you want for all of your gear.

If you go cheap with a tent frame with plastic corners, you risk having your lighting falling down when you are not home, and not only damaging expensive gear but possibly starting a fire with the mix of electricity, water and heat.

Our tent range is easy to install and the majority can be installed with a single person. We test all of our tents before we offer them for sale, and even our budget range uses quality steel corners and good fabric.

I’m Chris from Aqua Gardening, safe fresh food that grows itself.