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Which Type Of Hydroponics Grow Kit Will Suit Me Best

Video Transcript:

Hi, I am Chris Faast from Aqua Gardening.

We specialise in safe, healthy food that grows itself. Our automatic garden systems take care of themselves, and rapidly produce fresh tasty herbs, vegetables, and fruit, growing 4 times faster than a soil garden. What’s even better is they take up minimal space so you can have these on your apartment balcony or outdoor area. And if you are one of those people who cannot keep plants alive, don’ worry….because you cannot kill these plants!!! because they literally look after themselves.

With so many hydroponic systems and methods out there, you’re probably confused which one will be the best one for you. I’m going to give you a quick overview on the most popular methods and their benefits, to make your decision easier.

The first method we all know is watering by hand.

It’s Easy, Cheap, and for first time growers gives you hands on experience in understanding plants and how much food and water they need. The drawback is that you will need to visit your plants at least once a day and feed them manually.

The amount of times you feed them will be determined by the grow media you chose. For hand watering you should use a pot for each plant, or ideally fabric pots with a tray or saucers to catch the water.

The problem with hand watering is most people don’t have much time these days to tend to a garden, and that’s why an automatic garden systems is what most people opt for.

The second method is RUN TO WASTE. This is by far one of the most popular methods around, because it is easy to keep the plants healthy. Usually a reservoir with a pump is used to feed the plants with drippers providing the water to the growing media. The pump is switching on automatically, as required, and excess water goes to a catch drain or drain. You can use any grow media for this method, but usually coco coir is used to reduce the amount of times you need to feed.

The biggest benefit of this method is that you don’t need to check the pH and EC regularly. Checks on the reservoir are done only when you mix the nutrients. The easiest system to use for Run to Waste is the Rhizo Pot and Stand kit, check the link below this video.

The third hydroponic method is flood and drain, and it is one the most simplest systems to use, and saves you so much time! Pot and tray systems are flooded from a water reservoir, then the water is absorbed by the plants, before the water drains away again. The Autopot range of products does not even require a pump! – the trays are simply flooded by gravity. See the products in the links below.

Recirculating hydroponics kits are great, because there is a continuous flow of water, nutrients and air past the roots of the plants – so if you want amazing results from your plants, these are the systems for you. Usually they use clay balls as the growing media, and it is easy to check, test and adjust the water. The clay balls can even be recycled for the next grow, as long as they are washed and disinfected. See our range of Recirculating kits in the link below.

Lastly, deep water culture, or DWC, is a common choice for new growers because not only will You save on growing media as the plants roots are covered in water, but there is also no chance the plant will run out of water. Plants also grow very quickly because the roots are provided with all the food, water and air they need. You will need to learn a little about water quality and testing, to keep your system thriving – the good news is that we have all the expertise you need to ensure your automatic garden system is a success. Check out the DWC kits we have on the links below.

Find out how you can save time and money growing your own produce at home, while ensuring you are getting the maximum nutritional benefit and best flavours from the fresh produce you eat. Click on the links below to see how.

I’m Chris from Aqua Gardening, for Safe, healthy food that grows itself.