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Why Do Plants In Aquaponics & Hydroponics Grow Quicker Than In Soil

Video Transcript:

Hi, It’s Shiran From Aqua Gardening.

We have been asked many times why plants grow 3 times quicker in soil-less gardening systems compared to soil gardens? Let’s check the facts.

Fact 1: Plants get the majority of their food from the roots.

In soil gardens the roots usually don’t get the food delivered straight to them, so they put a lot of their energy into looking for the food within the soil. It’s like us going back to hunting and gathering for all of our food!

In soil-less gardens, the plants are constantly getting food delivered straight to their roots, so they don’t need to spend all of their energy growing their root system. This is just like sitting in a restaurant all day, and getting your food delivered straight to your table.

So the plants have excess energy to burn, and instead of using it up in the roots, it invests this spare energy in faster growth and development of more leaves and flowers. That means that you can harvest your lettuce in 4 weeks instead of 10!

Fact 2: Plants need plenty of aeration around the roots.

This is why a grounds keeper aerates his turf, and gardeners turn over their soil beds. But in soil-less gardens this is made very easy. The growing media are round clay balls or other light grow media material, which provide up to 30% air space around them. So no further work is required – the roots have oxygen each time the water drains away.

Fact 3: Plants get as much water as they want.

It’s hard remembering to water your garden – and can be very time consuming when it’s done. When watering soil, there is no guarantee the plants are getting exactly the amount of water they need – sometimes they are drenched too much, and other times the water run off to feed the plant next door! The biggest benefit of Aquaponics is the fact that there is no watering to do – it is done for you.

The plants are watered on a regular cycle and while their roots are immersed in water, they absorb as much as they want to. When the water drains away, there is still enough moisture retained in the clay balls to keep the roots cool and wet – perfectly happy.

I hope these facts have helped explain why growing with Aquaponics is so much quicker than soil gardening.

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