Author: Aqua Gardening

Why Have a Fish Pond?

Homeowners sometimes hesitate to install a fish pond, even if they want one in their backyard. They assume that these installations take up a considerable amount of space and are very difficult to maintain. That’s not really the case, especially if you do your research and install a good quality pond system. In most cases, the pond will maintain itself. You will just need to clean it once in a while and change the filter when it’s recommended.

Garden Fountain Pond

Why are Fish Ponds a Good Choice For Your Garden?

Fish ponds have become a very popular addition, especially in gardens. Many homeowners create a small but thriving eco-system in their garden with a pond, some underwater greenery, and small fish. Here are some reasons why you should consider them for your home as well:

  • Design – Fish ponds add an interesting design element to your garden and look very beautiful. The crystal clear waters with living fish can bring a different vibe to any garden or landscape. Fish ponds also fit in naturally with a garden, especially if you choose to install something that looks organic and wild instead of manicured and sculpted.
  • Small Fishes – Fish ponds don’t always need to have large Japanese Koi fish. You can also nurture small fish or species that don’t need as much water and space in your fish pond. This is a great alternative for people who have small backyards or gardens but still want a pond to bring more life and colour into it. A consultant at a fish pond supply store will help you find the best fish for your environment.
  • Environment – There’s something about moving water and the calmly swimming fish that has a positive impact on a home’s environment. You can just sit by the pond for a long time and let go of all your cares and concerns. Many homeowners find the sound of water and the movements of the fish almost meditative. In today’s stressful times, this can be a big benefit. The fish pond and the surrounding environment can be your own little oasis away from the busy city life.

What Should You Keep in Mind Before You Install a Pond?

While ponds can be a great addition to any garden, they might not always be the ideal choice for you. Here are some things you should consider before you install one:

  • Do You Have the Space? – Even the smallest ponds would need some space so if you have a very tiny backyard, a pond might not be worth the expense and trouble.
  • Where Will You Put It? – Your pond would be placed away from any trees but also away from direct sunlight, which can encourage algae growth. Your pond must be located is a relatively shadowed area as that will ensure no dry foliage falls in it and the water doesn’t get evaporated too quickly.

You can consult with pond installation experts to determine if this structure is right for you. They will be able to advise you on the size, type of fish, and the regular care and maintenance required.