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Why You Should Convert Your Pool To A Natural Pond

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A traditional swimming pool is entertaining during summer months but it is a burden if not maintained perfectly throughout the year. Pools require a fair bit of maintenance in order to be safe to swim in.

It’s also expensive to maintain because you need to keep filling it with water, treat it with chlorine, keep it clean and free from algae, and maintain the filter system.

Pools are also time consuming, which is why many homeowners look for ways to minimise the expenses or convert the pool into something that’s easier and less expensive to maintain.

Instead of filling the pool in or keeping it empty, there is an option hundreds of homeowners have taken across Australia by converting their pools into a freshwater ponds. This has a number of advantages, such as saving you money and time, enhancing the local environment with the promotion of bio diversity, and even giving you a beautiful and healthy place to take a dip in during summer.

Firstly, do you recall how much nicer swimming in fresh water is compared to a chlorinated pool or the sea?

The water is soft and invigorating – refreshing and recharging your body almost instantly! Chlorine and other chemicals are used to keep pools clean and free from harmful bacteria, making them safe for swimming. Unfortunately, chlorine does cause damage to the skin and can make it dry and itchy. This can be especially problematic for people with sensitive skin, as the chlorinated water can cause rashes and redness. Freshwater ponds don’t need chlorine as the natural biological cycles and a recirculating pump and filter works to keep the water clean and odour-free.

Another advantage is the fact you can keep water-based flora and fauna inside the pond too, whether you will swim in it or not. A biologically active fish pond can be self-sustaining and with the right pump and filtration system, will look after itself!

You will need to wait a few months for the environment to stabilise within the pond. Once stable, the pond provides a comfortable habitat for freshwater fish and a safe place for humans to swim inside.

A fish pond is eco-friendly because the water doesn’t require harmful chemicals, and the pond doesn’t require large pumps like a pool. Unlike pools, the water doesn’t need to be drained and replaced occasionally as the pond system can sustain clean water indefinitely. The filtration system doesn’t need much power to keep the pond environment healthy, so homeowners don’t need to worry about expensive electricity bills at the end of every month.

A fish pond does require some maintenance but it’s not as intensive and involved as swimming pools. Converting a pool to a freshwater pond can reduce the homeowner’s annual pool maintenance cost by 80%, and a Sydney council calculated you will easily save up to $1000 per year.

With the right setup you won’t need professional pond cleaning services or to worry about adding chlorine to the water regularly. Don’t be afraid of destroying a valuable family asset either – it can be converted back to a regular swimming pool if you choose.

To find out more about fish ponds or discuss the process of converting your pool, click on one of the links below!

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