Carbon Filters

Carbon filters attach to the ducting on an indoor living soil garden and filter the outgoing air to remove any odours. We stock Phresh, Can Lite and Odor Sok carbon filters. Carbon filters will last up to 2 years in areas of high humidity, e.g. Brisbane, and even longer in drier areas down the southern parts of Australia. To extend the life of your carbon filter, you can use a pre-filter to help prevent airborne particles such as dust and small insects from clogging up the carbon The carbon filters we have available fit onto the following duct sizes: 100mm (4 inches), 125mm (5 inches), 150mm (6 inches), 200mm (8 inches), 250mm (10 inches), 300mm (12 inches), 315mm (13 inches), 355mm (14 inches), 400mm (16 inches).

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