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Organic tea kits usually consist of many organic materials, including neem cake, oil cake, half decomposed cow dung, humic and fulvic acids, kelp and alfalfa meal, and so on. A tea kit is a complete package of fertilizers that are rich in macro and micronutrients. Additionally, some tea kit contains beneficial microorganisms that can improve soil health and boost plant's growth.

You can look at our products and choose the tea kits based on your demands. Remember that our products are organic and environmentally safe. You may check our Vegetative Tea Kit. It contains many organic ingredients. For brewing tea from this kit, you need to add a half cup of the product and 10l of Molasses in 10L water. Aerate this mixture and leave it for 2 days. After that, you need to dilute this tea with water at a 1:1 ratio if you want to apply it to your soil.

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Vegetative Tea Kit [1kg]

Vegetative Tea Kit [1kg]


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