Saucers and Trays

Pot saucers and trays are used catch any excess water which would otherwise spill out onto the ground, the floor or onto your patio or deck. Our Drainaway Drain Trays and RhizoStands are a type of pot saucer which come complete with a drainage outlet. These products work great with living soil pot plants, as any excess water can be directed away from the plant with zero spillage. This prevents the plant from sitting in stagnant water and stops oversaturation, mineral build up and root rot.

Aqua Gardening stocks Pot Saucers and Garland Trays, which are suitable for use with both plastic pots and fabric pots. Please click on the individual products below to see the pot sizes that are recommended for use with our saucers. Keep your grow space clean and spill free with our range of pot saucer options.

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