Wall Garden Pots

People living in build up areas often don't have enough space for gardening, and so wall gardens are a great option. Wall gardens or vertical gardens, are compact gardens which can be used to grow plants of all types, even with living soil. Wall gardens can liven up a dull wall or fence, and help to give your home or workplace a more natural look.

Aqua Gardening has a range of wall garden pots available for sale. We have Multi-Hanger Wall Garden pots and Wall Garden Planter Boxes, which can be fixed straight onto a wall, fence or custom made frame. The great thing about wall garden pots is the drainage system which allows the water to move from the upper pots to the lower pots. You only need to water the pot in the top position, and all the pots beneath it will be watered by gravity. The Window Box Module can be used to grow plants on a windowsill, or any place which has sufficient light.

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