The Adjustawings Defender (Adjust-A-Wings) has 8 different width settings and adjustable lamp height. Adjustawings can be positioned incredibly close to plants for maximum light transferal and area coverage. Alternatively the wings may be adjusted to more narrow settings and positioned further from plants to suit the light and heat requirements of more sensitive plants or plant stages. Why white? White reflects the full colour spectrum and is heavier duty than the adjustawings avenger (the silver model). The defender is heavier duty and doesn't easily bend from being bumped around. With too many bumps the avenger model doesn't deliver an even spread of light.

  • Includes the adjustable lamp holder and 240Volt power cable with round earth pin. This connects to a magnetic or digital ballast.

Adjustawings Defender Sizes:

Small Defender:

  • Suits 250 and 400 Watt Globes
  • 54cm x 38cm (21.3" x 15") at widest setting

Medium Defender:

  • Suits 250, 400 & 600 Watt Globes
  • 70cm x 55cm (27.5" x 21.5")at widest setting

Large Defender:

  • Suits 600 & 1000 Watt Lamps
  • 100cm x 70cm (39.5" x 27.5") at widest setting

To use an Adjust-A-Wings Defender close to the crop

Add a Super Spreader to spread light out even further. A super spreader also prevents the plant directly below the lamp from being "burnt" when the reflector is set close to the canopy.

More information

Check out the manufacturer's website here for layout tips and setup instructions:


SKU AG1077
Brand Adjust-A-Wing
Type Reflectors

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