Contains calcium, magnesium, nitrates and iron.

Bloom Cal in Hydroponics

Use for flushing low quality coco coir (not necessary for pre-buffered House and Garden or Canna Coco) prior to use to provide a buffer. Use to remedy cal-mag deficiencies

Bloom Cal in Aquaponics

Use to start a new system before fish are introduced. Bloom Cal will provide nutrient for your plants, not just the micro-nutrients provided by Bloom Seaweed or Seasol. Bloom Cal is especially useful for aquaponic systems using rainwater. Bloom Cal can be used is low dosages with fish but pay attention to your nitrate level.

What is Bloom Cal-Mag?

Bloom Cal-Mag growth enhancer is a calcium and magnesium supplement. It is highly concentrated with soluble calcium, magnesium and nitrogen. It will also aid in the uptake of potassium and phosphorus when used in the flowering cycle. Bloom Cal-Mag can be used as a remedy when the plant is yellow due to lack of calcium and magnesium.


Calcium nitrate, magnesium nitrate, chelated iron and chelated zinc.

Application rates:

Recirculating: 0.5mls per litre

Soil: 0.5mls per litre

Run to waste: 1mls per litre

Bloom Cal-Mag will make this much nutrient:

Recirculating: 300ml = 600L, 1L = 2000L

Soil: 300ml = 600L, 1L = 2000L

Run to waste: 300ml = 300L, 1L = 1000L

Bloom Cal-Mag Feed schedules

Can be found on the Advanced Floriculture website here.


SKU AG1324
Brand Bloom
Type Additives

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