What is Bloom Silica?

Bloom Silica is a highly concentrated potassium silicate (53.2%) that promotes a healthy plant through naturally occurring silica. Potassium silicate creates thick cell walls, giving the plant protection against insect and fungus attacks and making it very important for plant growth. It contains potassium silicate which can not be translocated, making the continued application of Bloom Silica essential for the best results. Bloom Silica can be used in any grow method or media, whether it is indoors or outdoors. Check the feed schedule to get the correct dosage. It is available in a 1L bottle.


Potassium Silicate

Application rates

Cuttings: 2ml per 15L of nutrient solution

Transplant: 1ml per 5L

Mature plants: 1ml per 3L 

Foliar spraying: 5ml per 4L of foliar spray solution

Change Bloom Silica dose depending on the Media

In general, use less for recirculting hydroponics and potting soil systems, and use a full dose for run to waste hydroponics.

Recirculating: 1ml per 6ml

Soil: 1ml per 6L

Run to waste: 1ml for 3L

How to Use Bloom Silica

Add Silica to nutrient reservoir FIRST before any other nutrients. Use pH down to move the pH level back down to 6.0. Then add base nutrient and additives, and check EC and pH (again). If the solution turns milky, one or more of your nutrients is reacting. Ideally, dump the mix and start again. Use less Bloom Silica next time you mix.

Bloom Silica will make this much nutrient:

Recirculating: 1L = 5882L

Soil: 1L = 5882L

Run to waste: 1L = 3030L


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Brand Bloom
Type Additives

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