De-Fuse is one of the most effective water and nutrient conditioners in on the horticultural market. This unique water conditioner is suitable for all soil and soil-less (hydroponic) substrates, including Coco, Rockwool, Clay, Soil and Pro-mixes.

Use Defuse against Fusarium wilt, Phytophera (Pythium) and many other water borne bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi. Defuse is a sterilising agent with a wide variety of uses from sterilising the system to cleaning the root zone (like Pythoff or Oxy Plus).

De-Fuse is Non-Systemic, making it ideal to use on your favourite fruits and vegetables while leaving no harmful residues. It is compatible with most macro and micro nutrient solutions.

Can be applied to the root zone or foliar application.

How to Use De-Fuse

Use at the rate of 2ml / L for foliar spraying and 5ml / L for water treatment.


SKU AG1514
Brand Generic
Type Pest Control and Sterilisation

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