Hygen Coco Nutrients Starter Kit Single Part: A Complete Solution for Coco Peat Growing

Grow healthy and vibrant plants with the Hygen Coco Nutrients Starter Kit Single Part, a comprehensive package designed to provide all the essential nutrients and supplements for successful coco peat gardening. The starter kit caters to both the vegetative and flowering stages of plant growth while also including a free 30L pot liner for convenience. Unleash your plant's full potential and enjoy a thriving garden with this all-in-one coco nutrient solution.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete Coco Nutrient System: This starter kit includes everything needed for successful coco peat growing, from growth nutrients to bloom nutrients and essential supplements.
  • Single Part Nutrient Formulas: Easy-to-use single part nutrient solutions for both the grow and bloom stages, ensuring optimal nutrient uptake for your plants.
  • Comprehensive Set of Supplements: Includes a collection of essential additives such as Budlink, Nitro-K, PK Top Up, Sea Essentials, Humiboosta, and Omegazyme to boost overall plant health and yield.
  • pH Indicator Included: Ensures optimal nutrient availability by allowing you to maintain the appropriate pH levels for your plants in the coco medium.
  • Convenient Pot Liner: Comes with a 30L pot liner for easy planting and managing your coco peat garden.

How to Use

  1. Hydrate the Hy-Gen Cocopeat Bricks by soaking them in water for several hours, allowing the bricks to expand and create a thoroughly moistened growing medium.
  2. Place the hydrated cocopeat in the 30L pot liner, ensuring it is firmly packed but not overly compacted.
  3. Mix the appropriate Hy-Gen nutrient solution (Coco Growth or Coco Bloom) with water according to the recommended dosage for your plant's specific stage of development.
  4. Add the desired Hy-Gen supplements to the nutrient solution, following the instructions on their respective bottles for optimal results.
  5. Use the Hy-Gen pH indicator to test and adjust the pH of your nutrient solution as necessary for your plant's needs.
  6. Water your plants with the prepared nutrient solution, ensuring that the coco medium is adequately saturated without waterlogging.

Aqua Gardening Suggests These are Best For

The Hygen Coco Nutrients Starter Kit Single Part is best for both amateur and professional gardeners seeking a complete and efficient solution for growing plants in coco peat. The kit caters to various plant types and growth stages, making it suitable for use in coco peat gardens, greenhouses, and indoor hydroponic systems.


What is the purpose of the Hygen Coco Nutrients Starter Kit Single Part?

The Hygen Coco Nutrients Starter Kit Single Part is designed to provide all the necessary nutrients and additives for optimal plant growth and flowering in coco peat medium. It is a comprehensive kit that includes a range of products, specifically formulated for various stages of plant development.

Is this kit suitable for beginners or experienced growers?

The Hygen Coco Nutrients Starter Kit is suitable for both beginners and experienced growers, as it provides a complete solution with easy-to-follow instructions for effectively growing plants in coco peat medium.

Can I use this kit for hydroponics or soil-based growing?

The Hygen Coco Nutrients Starter Kit is specifically designed for growing plants in coco peat medium, and it might not be suitable for hydroponics or soil-based growing. However, you can explore other products by Aqua Gardening for hydroponic or soil-based growth.

How do I use the Hygen Coco Growth and Hygen Coco Bloom nutrients?

Hygen Coco Growth and Hygen Coco Bloom are single part nutrients for the grow/vegetative and bloom/flowering stages, respectively. Dilute the nutrients according to the instructions provided and apply during the corresponding growth stages of your plants.

What does the Hygen Budlink do?

Hygen Budlink is a silica-based nutrient supplement that helps strengthen cell walls, supports overall plant structure, and enhances weight and quality of the yield during the flowering stage.

What is the role of Hygen Nitro-K in the starter kit?

Hygen Nitro-K is a nitrogen and potassium supplement that promotes lush green growth and robust root development during the vegetative stage.

How does the Hygen PK Top Up contribute to plant growth and flowering?

Hygen PK Top Up is a phosphorus and potassium supplement, essential for stimulating strong root growth and bigger, more colourful flowers during the bloom/flowering stage.

What benefits do Hygen Sea Essentials, Humiboosta, and Omegazyme provide?

Hygen Sea Essentials is a micronutrient supplement that helps plants with metabolic processes and overall health; Hygen Humiboosta is a humic acid supplement that improves nutrient uptake and stimulates beneficial organisms in the coco peat; Hygen Omegazyme is an enzymatic additive that aids in breaking down dead roots, preventing root rot and freeing up nutrients for healthy plants.

What is the purpose of the Hygen pH Indicator?

The Hygen pH Indicator is used to monitor and maintain the pH levels of your nutrient solution, ensuring optimal nutrient absorption by your plants.

Can I reuse the Hygen Cocopeat Bricks and the 30 pot sock in future growing cycles?

The Hygen Cocopeat Bricks can be reused for multiple growing cycles after being washed and sterilized. However, it is recommended to replace the cocopeat when it begins to break down or loses its structure. As for the 30 pot sock, you can likely reuse it if it remains in good condition after careful cleaning.

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