Enhance Your Plants with Hygen Sea Essentials

Hygen Sea Essentials is a unique blend of sea plants, including kelp, seaweed, and seagrass that provides essential nutrients and promotes plant health, growth, and flowering. This formula is rich in micronutrients, potassium, and trace elements, which help improve fruit and flower development, yield, and flavour. It is suitable for both hydroponic and soil gardening.

Features and Benefits

  • Flowering Promoter: Hygen Sea Essentials encourages blooming and fruiting in plants, leading to increased yields and overall plant vitality.
  • Improves Yield and Flavour Quality: The unique blend of nutrients enhances the growth and development of fruits and flowers, resulting in better taste and higher yields.
  • Improves Root and Shoot Health: By providing essential nutrients, Hygen Sea Essentials promotes healthy root and shoot development, allowing plants to absorb nutrients more efficiently.
  • Strengthens Cell Walls: The trace elements in this formula fortify plant cell walls, leading to stronger and more resilient plants that can better withstand environmental stresses.
  • Improves Disease Resistance: Healthier, stronger plants are more resistant to diseases, leading to a reduced need for chemical controls and overall healthier plants.
  • Low in Sodium: Unlike some other marine-derived products, Hygen Sea Essentials is low in sodium, making it safe for your plants and ensuring they won't be harmed by high salt content.
  • Suitable For Soil and Hydroponic Applications: This versatile product can be used in various growing mediums, making it perfect for all types of gardening.

How to Use

  1. Shake the bottle well before use to ensure even distribution of the nutrients and trace elements.
  2. Using the provided measuring cap, dilute 5ml of Hygen Sea Essentials per litre of water.
  3. Apply the solution to your plants by watering or foliar feeding. When watering, ensure the solution reaches the root zone. When foliar feeding, spray the leaves, making sure to cover both the upper and lower surfaces.
  4. Use Hygen Sea Essentials every 7-14 days during the growth and flowering stages for the best results.

Aqua Gardening Suggests These are Best For

Hygen Sea Essentials is ideal for gardeners and growers who want to improve the health, vitality, and yield of their plants. It is suitable for various plant types, including ornamental plants, vegetables, fruits, and herbs. This product is perfect for those who practice hydroponic, soil-based, or other types of gardening methods.


How does Hygen Sea Essentials work to improve plant health?

Hygen Sea Essentials is formulated using a unique blend of sea plants such as kelp, seaweed, and seagrass that contain several plant-promoting properties, micronutrient content, and flower-promoting properties. It provides plants with a natural source of potassium and trace elements, which help in flower and fruit development, improved yield and flavour quality, and overall plant health.

Is Hygen Sea Essentials suitable for both flowering and non-flowering plants?

Yes, Hygen Sea Essentials is suitable for both flowering and non-flowering plants. Its unique blend of sea plants promotes flower and fruit development in flowering plants, while also providing general health benefits like improved root and shoot health, strengthened cell walls, and improved disease resistance in all plants.

Can I use Hygen Sea Essentials in a hydroponic system, or is it only suitable for soil?

Although the product description specifically mentions that Hygen Sea Essentials is suitable for soil, you can also use it in a hydroponic system. The essential nutrients and plant health benefits provided by the product can be effectively absorbed by plants in both soil-based and hydroponic growing environments.

How often should I use Hygen Sea Essentials in my garden?

Application frequency may vary depending on the specific needs of your plants and growing conditions. It is recommended to follow the instructions provided on the product label for best results. You may adjust the frequency based on your plants' response and growth progress.

What is the effect of Hygen Sea Essentials on the taste and flavour of fruits and vegetables?

Hygen Sea Essentials improves the yield and flavour quality of fruits and vegetables by providing them with essential micronutrients and natural sources of potassium and trace elements. This results in a richer taste and enhanced nutritional benefits in the produce.

Is Hygen Sea Essentials safe for use around pets and children?

While Hygen Sea Essentials is formulated using natural ingredients, it is important to follow the instructions provided on the product label and to keep it out of reach of children and pets. Always exercise caution and handle the product responsibly, just as you would with any other gardening product.

Will Hygen Sea Essentials cause a buildup of sodium in my garden?

No, Hygen Sea Essentials is low in sodium, which means it is unlikely to cause a buildup of sodium in your garden. The product is formulated with a focus on providing essential nutrients and trace elements without introducing harmful levels of sodium.

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