Author: Aqua Gardening

Caring for Fish in Fish Ponds

Your backyard pond isn’t a natural fish environment, which is why you need to monitor it with carefully in order to keep them alive and healthy. Fish will thrive if they have the right kind of water and regular supply of nutrition. If you maintain the balance and keep an eye on the conditions in your artificial pond eco-system, your fish will survive for a long time. Here are some tips that can help you:

Feeding Fish

Most pond owners don’t consider the fish-feeding schedule carefully enough and either overfeed or underfeed them. If you add to much food in the water at a time, the food will linger and invite pests. That will lower the quality of the water and make it dirty. You should only add as much food as fish can consume in five minutes. If there’s still some food after five minutes of feeding, don’t feed the fish as much.

Water Testing

To help you test your water quality, we recommend the API Freshwater Master Test Kit. The kit contains tests for pH, ammonia, nitrates and nitrite.