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Controlling EC Automatically

Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Chris from Aqua Gardening

If you’ve watched our video on automatic pH control, it’s now time to see how you can automate the plant food too! Just as important as pH, EC is the measure of salts in the water – or available plant food. It’s best to vary the EC over the life of the plant, as a lower EC is necessary early on in the plant’s life, compared to a maximum dose when the plant is at full size.

The good news is that this can be taken care of automatically, just like the pH!

An EC dosing unit takes nutrient from two containers, a part A and a part B, and adds them to the feed water as necessary. Some dosers feed straight into the feed hose and away to the plants in a run to waste format. Other professional dosers sample the water in a water reservoir and adjust the EC level continuously. A small pump pumps the reservoir water to the EC probe, and tiny peristaltic pumps add nutrient to the water until the right EC is obtained.

Due to their digital control, all that is necessary is typing in the required EC, making sure the A and B nutrient tanks are topped up, and keeping the EC measuring probe clean. A float valve keeps the system topped up with water.

There are also EC dosers which are combined with pH dosers, for total system control. This gives you the freedom to leave your system for longer, and focus your effort on the plants when you are around, instead of testing and adjusting the water.

Deficiencies are a thing of the past with EC and pH control. You are guaranteed the best performance from your crop each time. See the links below to purchase these products directly from our website.

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