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Controlling pH Automatically

Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Chris from Aqua Gardening

Now we know pH is one of the most important aspects of gardening, especially because it can change so quickly if we forget to monitor regularly or an event outside of our control occurs, such as a downpour of rain.

The best news is that it can all be controlled without lifting a finger!

That’s right. Levels of automation in Aquaponic and hydroponic systems have reached the point where a single device can dose pH down or pH up continuously, to ensure your plants have the perfect pH level around the clock.

What are the benefits? Well if you’re going away or can’t see you system daily, you could lose your plants if the pH dives to low. Every moment the pH is outside of the target range, the harvest is being reduced. The road to recovery can be hard once a plant has been stressed, so it is best to prevent it from even occurring.

Deficiencies are quick to show up in plants with a high pH, and root disease is common with a low pH, not to mention losing your fish with a quick change of the pH level during a downpour of rain!

We sell different devices that can monitor the pH and report it to a live display, or do the dosing for you with either pH up or down, or both of them. For not a great deal more dollars, the unit can be connected to the internet and you can control and check the pH whenever you are online! See the links below for the products we sell.

Remember, Ph is vital to your gardening success, and if you want the peace of mind you will get it right every time, consider a pH controller to keep the pH perfect for your plants. See the links below to purchase these products directly from our website.

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