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How Do I Fertilise My Pond Plants? They Aren't Blooming

Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Chris from Aqua Gardening.

Have you noticed your pond flowers are not blooming? Are the plants in your pond a little dull and not showing any signs of growing? In this frequently asked questions video I’ll help you understand how to make your pond plants flourish and bloom inside your pond..

Firstly, I agree, fertilisation of pond plants is not always required. It depends on what is inside the pond water, similar to a soil garden.

If there is the right build-up of natural matter, or a bio filter to convert a heavy feeding into plant food, it may not be required. However careful fertilisation will always improve the plants which are there, and make their flowers larger, brighter and bloom for longer.

Using garden fertilisers will cause issues in your pond, from algal blooms to killing fish.

They are not in a suitable form that can be kept contained within the planting media without seeping out into the pond water. If prill or tablet fertilisers are used which are meant for soil, you will find the nutrients will be released too quickly and could kill your plants. Specialised fertiliser is the way to go, such as Aquagrow Tablets, which are specifically formulated slow release tablets.

Pond tablets will provide fertilisation for up to 12 months, and you vary the amount depending on the plant and size of the pot. To plant the fertiliser tablets correctly, you should follow our directions for potting in our Expert Tips Guide which is on video!

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