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How Do I Prevent Mosquitoes In My Pond?

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Hi I’m Shiran from Aqua Gardening.

We often get asked in store, how do I prevent mosquitos in my pond? If you have a pond that provides them with a favorable environment, you can expect an infestation to occur. Watch on to find out ways you can keep them to an absolute minimum!

Mosquitoes are naturally attracted to water because it provides them with a breeding ground. Fortunately, there are a number of ways in which you can keep these pests at bay and still create a safe environment for local fauna around your pond.

Tip 1. Add movement to the pond water.

Mosquitoes avoid moving water because they can’t lay eggs. If you add some movement to the pond like a waterfall, aerator or fountain, the mosquitoes won’t have a comfortable environment to settle into. If the pond water is too still and stagnates like a bird bath, it provides the perfect breeding ground for them.

Tip 2. Remove standing water from your yard.

Even small sources of standing water are enough to encourage mosquitoes and provide them with the right environment to breed. Check the areas around the pond for puddles, pots and saucers and planters which they can get inside.

Tip 3. Add or encourage mosquito-eating wild-life to the pond.

Several animals and fish thrive on mosquitoes and their eggs. If you add or encourage these predators to the pond environment, the mosquito population will reduce significantly.

It’s a good idea to add or attract native frogs, minnows, catfish, bass, bluegill, and other such animals and fish to the pond. Growing aquatic plants will also attract other beneficial insects. In our expert tips videos we show you exactly how to promote native fauna to your pond.

Tip 4. Clean the area around the pond.

Debris and dead foliage provide the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Clear all branches, trim the grass, and maintain the pond plants, while making sure there’s no dense, dark, and damp environment to support the pests. This will keep the pond presentable and ensure its mossie free.

Tip 5. Make sure your pond’s depth is more than 30cm.

Mosquitos do not tend to lay eggs when the depth of water is more than 30cm, however ensure you are keeping to within the regulations of your local council.

With the right steps and approach it’s easy to keep mosquitoes away from the pond environment and ensure the area is safe to visit. Watch on to learn more about keeping a pond and how to improve it!

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