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How To Choose The Right Pond System For You

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Chris from Aqua Gardening.

So you’ve decided you would like to add a pond or water feature to your home, but you’re not sure which one is suitable for you? Well Aqua Gardening has made it easy for you!

If you would like all the benefits of a pond, however you are renting, consider the quick to set-up Affinity pond range. These function just like an above ground pool, but are attractive and with the pleasant sound of water. They only take a matter of hours to set-up, and best of all, no digging is required. Simply find a flat compacted surface, calculate the space you have, and decide on the shape you like. Each pond comes complete with a fountain and lighting.

If you want the sound of water and the attractiveness of a water feature, however you have no interest in fish or a pond, consider an in-ground pondless waterfall kit.

Pondless waterfalls are stunning during the day, and with the lighting system that is included in each kit they are breathtaking!

Just consider, if you’re building the kit yourself, all you need to do is be able to dig a small hole for the water reservoir and source rocks from one of our suppliers.

If you want everything – water, fish and lighting, an entire pond kit is for you! You just need to source the rocks you want from one of our local suppliers and decide which fish you want to stock your pond with. This is an in-ground kit, so you need to be able to position it accordingly in your yard. You are guaranteed to have no leaks with the top quality liner included, and also guaranteed only one purchase to get everything in a single box! Simply decide on the location, measure the outside dimensions of the area, and compare this to the recommended sizes on each kit.

We have full installation instructions and videos, so you can easily install these kits at home. It’s even more fun when you get the whole family involved in deciding where to put it and how it will look.

If you’re not DIY minded, but have a particular pond design in mind, speak to a pond builder and he will have the kit installed in the minimum amount of time – we can recommend credible pond builders depending on your location.

With your purchase you will get access our exclusive pond learning and troubleshooting video library – something no competitor can offer. Click on the link below to see the product selection table to find the right pond system for you family.

I’m Chris from Aqua Gardening, for safe, healthy environments that benefit you and your family.