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How to Select the Right Water Pump for Hydroponics

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Shiran from Aqua Gardening.

In this Frequently Asked Questions Video for Thriving hydroponic gardens – we are going to look at how to select the right water pump for you.

For hydroponics, we look to get the right sized pump for our watering system, to water quickly and deliver enough pressure to all of our plants. At Aqua Gardening, we stock a wide range of low power and silent pumps that can suit any system.

For the most basic and smallest systems, there are pumps with are simply to plumb into your system. They only use 6 watts of power and have proven to be extremely reliable.

Moving to watering systems with more than a few plants, the larger range of pumps are the most suitable. On the budget end of the scale are large pumps, which are generally higher power for high flow, great for watering between 4 to 10 pots or channels at the same time.

For low power and better quality options, pre filter pond pumps are the way to go. They feature great head heights, 10 metre long power cables, and great reliability.

Often they have a small pre filter gauze which is necessary to protect the pump impellor from soft debris. This increases the life of the pump but requires cleaning every few months.

For large systems above 500 litres of water, there is a range of dirty water pond pumps. These pumps may be 240V, 24 volt or solar powered, and can pump soft debris of up to 8mm in size. They will never require maintenance or cleaning, and are suitable for years and years of continuous operation.

These dirty water pond pumps typically come with a pre filter cage containing no gauze, which is there to protect the impellor from hard objects such as leaves and twigs.

To calculate the pump size you need , you will need to estimate how much water you will need to feed the plants every day, or how high a head height the pump needs to pump to.

Once you know the flow and the head height, our online store displays the performance of each pump, and those suited for hydroponics too. Follow the links below to see our range of recommended pumps.

At Aqua Gardening, we are Australia’s leading experts in hydroponic gardening! Watch on to see more frequently asked questions we receive about hydroponics, or follow the links below to see how you can get access to our exclusive members only online video training and knowledge database – not offered by anyone else in Australia!

I’m Shiran from Aqua Gardening, and thanks for watching.