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Hydroponic Nutrients Guide

House and Garden Hydro AB Hydroponic Nutrient

Hydroponic nutrients are one of most vital component of any hydroponic system. If you have read the article What is Hydroponics then you already know that plants grown hydroponically are grown in a medium that supplies them with none of the vital nutrients they need. The whole idea of hydroponics is that the nutrients plants receive can be controlled. So, if the medium (sand, gravel, clay balls, rockwool etc.) doesn't supply the nutrients, then something else has to. And this is what the article is about.

Rather than relying on good soil to supply nutrients (as in conventional agriculture) the nutrients are supplied in the water that is given to the plant. So in a hydroponic system, all you need to do is add some nutrients to the water that you give your plants. If you read the article Hydroponic Systems you will learn about the different ways that water can be supplied to the plants.

Back to hydroponic nutrients... There are many different types of nutrients, ranging from general purpose, to nutrients designed specifically to promote the growth of leaves, or buds and flowers. The main types then are, General Purpose Nutrients, Grow and Bloom Nutrients, and Organic Nutrients. There are also various types of specialist nutrient additives that can be used in addition to these basic nutrients. This article will just deal with the three basic types. First though, let's briefly discuss how nutrients help your plants grow.

General Purpose Hydroponic Nutrients

Autopot Concentrate Powdered Hydroponic Nutrient

General purpose nutrients are useful for a wide variety of plants, both indoors and outdoors. They will support all plants through their grow and flowering phases, however hydroponic additives are recommended to enhance the plant. Aqua Gardening supplies well renowned nutrients such as:

  1. House and Garden Hydro - a two part solution in 2 x 1L bottles
  2. Autopot nutrient - a two part solution in 2 x 1L bottles
  3. Bloom Euro A&B - a two part solution in 2 x 1L bottles
  4. Ozi Tonic
  5. Autopot nutrient concentrate - a two part concentrate in 2 x 1kg pair

The nutrients are listed in order of ease of use and performance. These nutrients are used at the rate of 2-10mls per litre of water. They are suitable for a wide range of plants including tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and herbs as well as indoor plants and flowers. Nutrients come in liquid or powder form (where 1 gram is roughly equal to 5mls of the liquid), and is a soluble, complete and balanced nutrient designed to promote the growth of your entire plant.

General Hydroponics FloraNova Grow Hydroponic Nutrient

Grow and Bloom Hydroponic Nutrients

Many hydroponic nutrients target a stage of plant growth, either the grow phase or the bloom phase. The Grow formulas are used from the early stages of the plants life as a seedling, until the fruit or flowers develop. The Grow Nutrients also suit plants such as herbs and leafy greens which are not required to flower. For the plants which need to progress to the flower phase they are fed with Bloom nutrient until the fruiting or flowering stage is over. Aqua Gardening stocks the following Grow and Bloom nutrients:

  • Bloom Advanced Floriculture Grow and Flower range which suit a wide range of hydroponic medias and soils, Australian Made
  • Canna Terra, Coco and Aqua range from Holland
  • Growth Technologies GT Optimum range


Guano Super Bloom 5L Organic Hydroponic Nutrient and Additive

Organic Hydroponic Nutrients

The demand for organic is growing as more people realise the amazing improvement in taste and smell of plants using wholly organic hydroponic nutrients. Organic nutrients may be made from a combination of worm wee, bat and seabird guano, fermented fish and seaweed extracts, and molasses. Take it from our own customers - the ones who have tried organic nutrients find it hard to beat the flavour! Yes, it's harder to clean and the yield is often compromised, unless you use the nutrient combined with additives. Speak to us to find out more. Aqua Gardening Hydroponics stocks the following completely organic nutrients on our online store:

  • Guano Super Grow and Guano Super Bloom
  • Canna Bio Vega and Flores
  • Ozi Magic
  • The Bloom Advanced Floriculture range are "highly" organic and the best performing nutrient in the organic area.

Hydroponic Nutrient Dosage

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