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Top 10 Recommendations for a Hydroponics Tool Kit

Here are our Top 10 Hydroponic Tool Kit recommendations

pH Meter

You can have all the right nutrients, but at the wrong pH they will not be available for your plants to use! Also great for tweaking your nutrient mix to optimise the pH level for specific species of plants and their pH preferences. 

IPM/PureCrop for Pest Prevention Pests Control

The best way to avoid pest infestations is through preventative measures - even if you don't have pests, begin spraying with these organic sprays to ensure pests never get a strong foothold in your garden. 

Hygrometer/Thermometer/Aquarium Thermometer 

Thermo-Hygro Meter With Probe HTC-2 or Cultiv8 Backlit Thermometer and Hygrometer

Temperature and Humidity are two important variables in plant growth and success - keeping track of these levels can help you know where to improve your system if you are having any issues.

Pruning Scissors/Snips

Pruning is one of the easiest ways to encourage growth and drive plant growth to be most productive. It has the added benefit of a tidy appearance and proper airflow throughout the leaves and branches.

Seaweed, Vitamins and Aloe for vitality and health

Essential compounds found in other plants like seaweed or aloes can be concentrated and provide an immunity boost to your plants, helping to fight off pests and deficiencies. Why not use what nature is providing herself!

Eazy Plugs and Seeds for propagation

Eating something you grew from a seed is one of the most satisfying things ever, as is the enjoyment of watching it grow throughout the life cycle of the plant. Growing from seeds is a great way to use new varieties or introduce genetic diversity to your garden. Eazy Plugs are an easy way of transferring a seed to a hydroponic system with no mess.

Sticky Fly traps to check for pests 

These do help keep pest numbers down, but more importantly, they can help you identify properly what could be affecting your plants and help you choose a more specialized management system for the specific pest.

Mycorrhizae or other root inoculants for transfer of nutrients 

The symbiosis of plants and fungi is one of nature's great marvels - mycorhizae help to make more nutrients available to your plants, and encouraging a healthy root ecosystem can help to ensure stronger growth above ground too. 

EC Meter to check the Electrical Conductivity of water source and nutrient solution 

For open systems, evaporation or rainfall can affect the concentration of salts and nutrients - EC meters can help keep a track of your reservoirs and remove the guesswork.

Training & Support (flower mesh, yoyo hangers, quick stix) 

A lot of common plants like cucumbers and tomatoes grow like crazy - you'll need a way to help stake these upright and give the tendrils something to grip onto. It also helps separate dense leaves and ensures airflow and light reach the lower branches.



Microscopes/ Loupe for checking for pests 

Silica for Strength, structure and pest resistance