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What Are The Basic Things I Need To Build A Pond?

Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Chris from Aqua Gardening.

A pond is an excellent addition to any property and can create a serene environment in your home. There’s something very soothing and relaxing about sitting by a peaceful natural pond after a hard day of work. A natural pond requires some effort to build, but once you have established an eco-system, the pond mostly sustains itself and requires very little maintenance. A number of major components are required to bring a pond together, and I’m going to share with you 7 tips to help you get it right.

The good news is that Aqua Gardening can help with all of these essential components to make your pond a success.

Firstly, you will need a pond liner or preformed pond. A strong rubber liner is hard to puncture and forms a leak proof barrier to the ground. Preformed poly ponds are available up to 2 metres long, or 1000 litres in size, and provide you with a natural shape without worrying about creating natural ledges in the ground.

Second tip: a pump is required. This keeps the water turning over and is the first step to keeping the water clean and healthy for aquatic life.

Pond pumps use little power and circulate water through a filter which can supply it to any fountain or waterfall you might have in the structure.

Third tip, a pond filter connected to the pump cleans the water and removes all the debris, to ensure the pond environment is healthy. These filters are crucial if you intend to keep fish and plants in your pond. Without a filter, organic matter from all the flora and fauna in the pond can build up and create a dangerous environment for the fish and plants. Good quality filters will ensure the pond’s eco-system thrives and the water is clean enough to support the biological life in it.

Fourth tip, an ultra violet clarifier, or UVC, is a common choice for those with sunny ponds. They reduce the amount of algae in the water and improve the health of the fish.

Fifth tip. You will need pipes or tubing to connect the different components of the filtration or fountain system together.

We sell top quality UV resistant and anti-kink pipe down to clear transparent poly pipe for water features.

Our sixth tip for building a pond is edging material. Gather some natural rocks or wood to give a structure and design to the pond. It also acts as a barrier and ensures there’s a clear distinction between flat ground and the pond surface.

Then you’re into the final but most important part – plants, fish and water. A natural pond needs some flora and fauna. If you don’t want to keep fish in the pond, add a few water plants to create a great natural environment.

It’s a good idea to consult with a professional before you attempt to install a pond as they will assess your property, consider your budget, and look at other such factors before they offer advice on pond installation.

To select the right pond for your home, click on the link to see our Pond Selection guide.

At Aqua Gardening, we are experts in ponds, so if you have any questions on building or improving your pond, watch on or consider booking a design session with us. We offer an online video training and a knowledge database – not offered by anyone else in Australia.

I’m Chris from Aqua Gardening, and thanks for watching.