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What Filter Do I Need For My Pond?

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Shiran from Aqua Gardening.

We’re often asked what are the benefits of a pond filter? Well, depending on your location and temperature, trees and the weather can make maintaining a pond tough, especially with fish inside the pond too.

If the water is stagnant; and full of plant debris, then algae, bacteria, and insects may eventually start contaminating it; and the air surrounding the pond could start to smell.

The good news is you can avoid this by setting up a pond filtration system that will keep the pond and the aquatic life inside it healthy and flourishing. While a filtration system isn’t always necessary, it is a good idea if you have a lot of fish or if you have algae.

So what is a Pond Filter? A filter is a small box or tank which water is pumped through, with material on the inside that traps mud, debris and sludge. They can be located inside or outside the pond. The biological action inside the filter breaks down the matter into food suitable for plants, keeping the pond clean.

A pond filter reduces the natural biological process from 18 months to as little as 6 weeks! You need to allow 6 weeks of circulation for the beneficial bacteria to colonise the biological filter, unless you add the bacteria themself. Adding the bacteria from a bottle, will see the natural cleaning and filtration action sttarted in less than a week.

The size of the filter you choose depends on the size of the pond, the amount of sunlight, and the fish population. If you have a large pond with a larger number of fish, you’ll need a bigger filter.

Maintaining a healthy environment in the water is all about balance. The filter should be able to support enough bacteria to maintain the quantity of water in the entire pond.

To boost the filtration function, and keep crystal clear water, many filters contain Ultra violet clarifiers also known as UVC lamps.

These devices fix the problem of green, algae-filled water in sunny ponds. Inside the UVC, water is passed by a UV lamp, which causes the algae to clump together and form a solid mass.

The water with clumped algae is then passed to the biological filter. The helpful bacteria present in the biological filter will break down the algae, entirely eliminating the problem of green water.

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