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What Is The Best Pond Pump For My System?

Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Shiran from Aqua Gardening

In this Frequently Asked Questions Video for Thriving pond and water gardens – we are going to look at how to select the right water pump for you.

Pond pumps are often very low power, and use a fraction of that which is required for a swimming pool. All pumps come with at least a 2 year warranty, and the best ones often come with a 5 year warranty.

At Aqua Gardening, we don’t stock pumps that will break down in a short time. All of our pumps have been tested before they reach the shelf, and if we see a lot of returns we discontinue the line. We want to assure you that you won’t get stuck without a working pump for your fish.

To choose the right pump for your pond, you will need to calculate the volume of your pond in litres. Luckily, we make that easy for you with our online pond volume calculator. Visit our web page with your length, width and depth of your pond to find out straight away.

The pump you select should turn over the water volume in the pond at least once every hour for ponds up to 1000 litres, once every 2 hours for those up to 5000 litres, and up to once every 4 hours for those ponds of 15000 litres or more in size.

Higher fish stocks and dirtier types of fish require a higher water turnover – aim for double these flows as a rule of thumb. Visit our pond pump and filter calculator to get the best idea at the pump you require for a fish pond or a pond with a fountain.

If you want to install a waterfall, you can find the pump flow required also in our calculators web page.

The flow for a waterfall varies depending on the width of the outlet, which can be quickly calculated by typing in your width in centimetres. You will then need to find a pump which can deliver this volume at the height of the waterfall. So for a 30cm wide waterfall, the calculator gives a 3000 litre per hour volume. Follow the link below to select from our range of pumps which will deliver 3000 litres of water an hour at a height of 50cm above water level.

If your job is complicated, use our custom design service to make sure you are getting the right pump for your system.

At Aqua Gardening, we are experts in ponds! Watch on to see more frequently asked questions we receive about ponds, or follow the links below to see how you can get access to our exclusive members only online video training and knowledge database – not offered by anyone else in Australia!

I’m Shiran from Aqua Gardening, and thankyou for watching.