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What Types Of Ponds Are There & Which Is Best For My Space?

Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Chris from Aqua Gardening. In this frequently asked questions guide to ponds, I’m going to introduce you to the different materials available to line your pond with and prevent the water from escaping. Ponds need a leak proof barrier of some type, but not all methods are as good as the others. The different types of pond materials include:

Concrete; concrete with sealant; in-ground poly ponds; above ground poly ponds; above ground folding ponds; and the most common method of holding the pond water in is using specialised Pond Liners.

Concrete was once a very common method to use, and I have built concrete ponds which are still holding all of their water until today.

However, there is a great deal of preparation work required to compact the ground, and reinforce the concrete, and a small mistake can be very costly if it results in a leak.

Many people choose to make a permanent seal on a concrete pond with rubber sealant, which is a good option, but also the most costly option when the price of the concrete and sealant is added together.

When a concrete pond is not built properly, or when there is a large change in the weather, concrete can crack. We get a lot of enquiries from customers looking to seal cracks in their concrete ponds!

For small backyard ponds, preformed poly ponds are common. They come with a variety of shapes ready for plants and aquatic life, and are guaranteed to arrive to you without a hole. You simply need to do the digging and backfilling, and the pond is in!

For those who can’t dig around their home, above ground ponds are the answer. Heavy duty poly ponds have a 20 year guarantee that covers cracking and UV light. They are usually a standard shape such as round or rectangular, which can suit patios.

There is a beautiful range of flat packed ponds too, which are assembled above ground. They often include viewing windows so you can look straight in and see the fish!

The final type is the most common method to build a pond.

Often used to fix leaky concrete ponds, and also used to create the world’s most beautiful natural ponds and dams, is rubberised pond liner. It is completely inert, and comes in a variety of thicknesses.

We sell the same firestone pond liner which is used for the fountain in front of the Bellagio hotel in Los Vegas..

This is the top of the range, and guaranteed for 20 years, and well suited for the largest ponds where stretching of the liner could be a problem. We also have a budget option available too, which is more durable and flexible than most other brands.

We are experts in ponds, so if you have any questions on building or improving your pond, watch on, or consider booking a custom design session with us. If you decide to order a pond kit with us, you get access to our exclusive members only online video training and knowledge database – not offered by anyone else in Australia.

I’m Chris from Aqua Gardening, and thanks for watching.