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Which Plants Can I Grow?

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Shiran from Aqua Gardening.

Welcome to this frequently asked questions guide to plants for Aquaponics.

If you’re wondering whether you have to choose your plants for aquaponics carefully, you’ll be pleased to know it’s as easy as selecting them for your regular garden!

Aquaponics has all the benefits of gardening at home, and keeping to the seasons which suit vegetables, flowers, fruit and herbs in your local area is the easiest way to have success with aquaponics.

If you select a plant or tree which will have a large root ball, we recommend planting it inside a fabric pot to contain the roots for easy maintenance.

When it comes to the seasons, you have a whole bunch of advantages with an aquaponic garden compared to growing in a soil garden. When it is hottest in summer, it can be hard keeping water up to the plants in soil gardens. In aquaponics, you not only save water compared to soil, but the water cycle in the system will ensure the roots stay moist and cool at all times.

Similarly, in winter, if you heat or insulate your system to keep the water warm, all of your plants will have an advantage over soil gardens.

A warmer root system can extend the growing season into or throughout winter, depending on your location. Healthy, thriving fresh food, grown by you, is possible all year around!

We recommend planting the plants which you need the most for your cooking, smoothies or salads. It is also a good idea to plant each of those herbs which you only need a few leaves from each time, to save you buy a bunch from the supermarket which you only end up using part of before it goes off. This will save you time and money!

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In our exclusive members video library you will have access to our expert tip to growing plants successfully, and how to automate the majority of the aquaponic process! I’m Shiran from Aqua Gardening, safe healthy food that grows itself.