Liquid - Base

Base nutrients be used throughout the vegetative and flower cycle. They will provide all the macro and micro nutrients that your plants need throughout the grow cycle, and can be used in any grow method or media including living soil. Applying a base fertiliser is highly recommended for heavy feeding plants such as fruits or vegetables. These nutrients are highly concentrated, so, you must dilute them before applying. The dilution ratio is different for different fertilisers. Please read the manufacturers directions for the correct ratios and feed schedules.

We stock a couple of different base nutrients which are suitable for use with living soil. Bloom Euro A and B which is a hybrid and buffered base nutrient product. It will not affect the pH of your soil. Liquid Organic Fertilizer is a bio fertiliser that many people dream of. This fertiliser contains almost all the beneficial microbes that will promote plant growth by accelerating the decomposition process and releasing essential enzymes, acids, and vitamins.

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