Oase Fishguard 125ml DC Fish Feeder: Efficient Automatic Feeding Solution

Keep your fish well-fed and healthy with the easy-to-use Oase Fishguard 125ml DC Fish Feeder. Designed to accommodate large aquariums with numerous fish, this convenient automatic feeder delivers precise feeding up to four times daily with three different dosage options. Its protective sealing feature also prevents food from getting damp, ensuring freshness and nutrition in every bite.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic feeding solution: The Oase Fishguard 125ml DC Fish Feeder provides your fish with consistent and reliable feeding throughout the day, allowing you to confidently care for your aquatic friends with ease.
  • Customizable feeding settings: Choose up to four feeding times per day, each with three dosage options, as per the needs of your aquarium's inhabitants using the built-in LCD display.
  • Moisture protection: A unique sealing mechanism keeps the fish food dry and fresh, protecting it from humidity and moisture while ensuring optimal nutritional value.
  • Dual power options: Comes with battery operation capability, and you can also purchase a separate power supply unit for AC/DC connection. This feature ensures seamless operation, even in the event of a power outage.
  • Compact design: The Oase Fishguard Fish Feeder measures 120 x 78 x 93mm, allowing it to fit easily into various aquarium setups without taking up too much space.

How to Use

  1. Attach the feeder to your aquarium's edge securely using the built-in clamp.
  2. Load the feeder with the desired fish food, ensuring the special sealing mechanism is engaged to protect the food from moisture.
  3. Using the LCD display, program up to four feeding times per day, selecting one of the three dosage options for each feeding.
  4. Ensure a supply of fresh, appropriately sized batteries or connect the feeder to an AC/DC power supply unit (purchased separately) for continuous operation.

Aqua Gardening Suggests These are Best For

The Oase Fishguard 125ml DC Fish Feeder is perfect for aquarium enthusiasts with large tanks and numerous fish, who need a convenient yet reliable feeding solution. Its customizable settings cater to various feeding requirements, and its protective sealing feature ensures fresh and nutritious food for the fish. The dual power options make it an ideal choice for seamless operation and peace of mind.


How many feedings can the Oase Fishguard Fish Feeder be programmed for per day?

The Oase Fishguard Fish Feeder can be pre-programmed for up to four feedings per day, with each feeding having up to three dosages.

Can the Oase Fishguard Fish Feeder be used in large aquariums with a high fish population?

Yes, the Oase Fishguard Fish Feeder is ideal for use in large aquariums with a significant fish population as it can dispense multiple feedings with multiple dosages each day.

How does the Oase Fishguard Fish Feeder protect fish food from moisture?

The Oase Fishguard Fish Feeder has a special sealing mechanism that prevents moisture from entering and damaging the fish food stored inside.

Is it possible to purchase a power supply unit for the Oase Fishguard Fish Feeder?

Yes, a power supply unit can be purchased separately to enable continuous AC/DC connections for the Oase Fishguard Fish Feeder.

Does the Oase Fishguard Fish Feeder switch to battery operation during a power failure?

If a power supply unit is connected, the device will smoothly switch to battery operation in case of a power failure, ensuring continuous feeding for your fish.

What are the dimensions of the Oase Fishguard Fish Feeder?

The Oase Fishguard Fish Feeder measures 120 x 78 x 93mm in size.

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Large size for private use - 1000ml capacity, Safe - Weather resistant, Up to 8mm pellet size, Smart - Auto feeding up to 6 times a day, Simple - Versatile and easy to mount by your pond or fish tank, Great for people going on holiday

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