Prevent Algae

Algal blooms are a common issue that you may face when owning a pond or water feature. Algal growth takes place in water bodies containing unbalanced chemical compounds. Algae deplete the dissolved oxygen in the water and degrade the water quality endangering the lives of aquatic species. Excessive algal bloom will turn the water colour to green or yellow and in the worst case, black, which indicates the lack of oxygen.

We have products to prevent algae growth in ponds. Check our wide range of products, including Pond Water Clarifier Bacteria, Splosht Water feature packs, etc. These products will decrease the excessive amount of nitrate, phosphate, ammonium, and other chemicals to decrease algal growth and prevent algal blooms. Proper aeration is also required when treating pond water for algae, please see the pond aeration category for air pumps to assist with pond water aeration.