PondMAX Filtration/Waterfall Pump: Efficiently Keep Your Koi Pond Clean and Beautiful

Transform your garden into a serene oasis with the top-of-the-line PondMAX PU Series Filtration Pumps, perfect for managing koi ponds and other filtration systems. These pumps are packed with advanced technology that ensures energy efficiency and ease of maintenance, while providing impressive filtration and waterfall capabilities.

Features and Benefits

  • Tool-Less Assembly: The simple yet innovative design allows for quick and easy installation without the need for any additional tools.
  • Energy Efficient/Low Wattage: The PondMAX PU Series Pumps are designed to consume minimal energy while maintaining powerful water flow, helping to save on electricity costs.
  • Anti Burnout Technology: Incorporated Soft Start and Anti-Jam Technology work together to prevent pump burnout in the event of a blockage, protecting your investment and ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • 3-Year Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with PondMAX's generous 3-year warranty on the PU Series Filtration Pumps, ensuring top-notch support and assistance in the unlikely event of any issues.

How to Use

  1. Choose a suitable location for your PondMAX PU Series Filtration Pump, keeping in mind its purpose as a filtration system and/or waterfall creator.
  2. Unpack the pump and familiarize yourself with its components. Refer to the instruction manual if needed.
  3. Assemble the device without the need for tools, following the simple instructions provided.
  4. Place the assembled pump into the pond or filtration system, ensuring it is properly submerged and secure.
  5. Connect the power cord to an appropriate and weatherproof power source, following safety guidelines.
  6. Switch on the device to start enjoying its energy-efficient and powerful filtration and waterfall functionalities.
  7. Regularly check for any blockages, and rest assured that the built-in anti-burnout technology will protect your pump if needed.

Aqua Gardening Suggests These are Best For

The PondMAX PU Series Filtration Pumps are ideal for koi pond enthusiasts, garden lovers, and homeowners who want to keep their water features clean and efficient while adding a touch of charm with captivating waterfalls. The pumps are specially designed to cater to the needs of koi ponds and other filtration systems, offering unmatched performance and durability.


Model PU3500 PU5500 PU7500 PU10500
Max Flow Rate (L/hr) 3600 5500 7500 10500
Max Head (m) 2.4 4.7 5.3 5.6
Inlet Size 25mm (1 inch) 32mm (1.25 inch) 32mm (1.25 inch) 40mm (1.5 inch)
Outlet Size 25mm (1 inch) 32mm (1.25 inch) 32mm (1.25 inch) 40mm (1.5 inch)
Power Usage (Watts) 20 40 70 100
Cable Length (m) 10 10 10 10
Voltage (Volts AC) 240 240 240 240
Dimensions (mm) 180 x 260 x 110 255 x 210 x 120 255 x 210 x 120 300 x 250 x 140


What is the purpose of the PondMAX Filtration/Waterfall Pump?

The PondMAX Filtration/Waterfall Pump is designed for use in koi ponds and filtration systems to help maintain clean and healthy water. It also adds a visually appealing waterfall feature to your pond.

How does the Soft Start feature benefit the PondMAX Filtration/Waterfall Pump?

The Soft Start feature allows the pump to gradually increase its speed upon startup, reducing stress on the motor and prolonging the pump's lifespan. It also helps prevent sudden power spikes and ensures a smooth, quiet operation.

What is the Anti-Jam technology in the PondMAX Filtration/Waterfall Pump?

The Anti-Jam technology prevents the pump from burning out in the event of a blockage. If the pump detects a blockage, it will stop and attempt to clear the jam automatically, protecting the motor and preventing costly damages.

What do I need to know about the PondMAX Filtration/Waterfall Pump's energy efficiency?

The PondMAX Filtration/Waterfall Pump features an energy-efficient, low-wattage design that helps you save money on your power bills without sacrificing performance. This means you can run the pump for extended periods without worrying about high energy costs.

How does the tool-less assembly work with the PondMAX Filtration/Waterfall Pump?

The tool-less assembly of the PondMAX Filtration/Waterfall Pump allows for easy setup and maintenance without requiring any special tools or equipment. This simplifies the installation process and ensures a user-friendly experience.

What type of warranty does the PondMAX Filtration/Waterfall Pump come with?

The PondMAX Filtration/Waterfall Pump comes with a 3-year warranty, ensuring you have peace of mind and can trust the reliability and durability of the product.

Can I adjust the flow rate of the PondMAX Filtration/Waterfall Pump?

Yes, the PondMAX Filtration/Waterfall Pump allows you to adjust the flow rate, providing you with the flexibility to create your desired waterfall effect and ensuring optimal water circulation in your pond or filtration system.

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