• High Ouput 10% more light than standard high pressure sodium lamps
  • Ideal output for optimised photosynthesis
  • Designed to operate on 600w HPS control gear systems
  • With added red in the spectral output for extra flowering

PowerPlant HPS Lamps are very reliable and well manufactured. The range of grow lamps is a worthy choice for any grower using a magnetic or electronic/digital ballast.

Why buy PowerPlant HPS HID lamps?

PowerPlant lamps are an excellent choice as grow lights because they have very few manufacturing defects = we never have returns.

  • Flexible use - use on digital or magnetic ballasts
  • E39/40 connection - must have the large socket and they run off a ballast, not directly plugged into the wall
  • HPS Colour temperature suits flowering plants but it can be used for the entire grow

When should I change my lamp?

We recommend changing them every 6 months for best results. You will notice you plants grow slower if you keep using them past 3,000hrs.


SKU AG2126
Brand Powerplant
Type Indoor Lighting

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