Professor's Grow Fast is a Vegetative Booster used from the second week of growth. It has certainly proven to us at Aqua Gardening a shorter growing period by promoting faster plant growth.

Officially - from the manufacturer, "Professors Grow Fast is a dynamic growth enhancer designed to shorten the vegetative cycle by accelerating plant growth."

Want to get more Technical on Grow Fast?

Plants need nutrients throughout their entire life cycle to thrive. Depending on what stage you are at in the cycle, these nutrients need to be adjusted according to the plant’s needs. During the vegetative stage, plants require higher levels of Nitrogen to promote rapid and vigorous plant growth. It is during this stage of the cycle that you need a supplement that is high in Nitrogen and low in Phosphorus, as Nitrogen is key for healthy stem growth and leaf development.

Why use Professor's Grow Fast?

Grow Fast has been carefully formulated using different variations of nitrogen which are easily absorbed by plant roots for faster response. It gives the extra boost required to produce a stronger and bulkier plant mass, while simultaneously strengthening and preparing plants for the flowering stage.

Our Promise to you

Professor's Grow Fast will:

  • Shorten the Vegetative Cycle
  • Grow Plants Faster
  • Produce a Stronger and Bulkier plant mass
  • Prepare plants for the Flowering Stage

How to Use Professors Grow Fast

Grow Fast should only be used from the 2nd week in the vegetative stage until the start of Flower.

Do not use in the Flower Stage.

Hydroponics : Use 2.5ml Grow Fast per 1L of nutrient solution.
Soil : Use 2ml Grow Fast per 1L of nutrient solution.

Add your additives to the water first, and then add Professors Grow A and B (base nutrient) in equal parts to get the desired EC.

Available in 1L and 5L.


SKU AG4004
Brand Professors
Type Additives

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