Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Light Product Details

Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Light 285w are created by British bio-system engineering company GNUK LTD. The 285w Telos 0010 Pro LED Grow Light is manufacture in the UK ensuring the highest quality using bespoke components which have been developed over the last 8 years.

Built to last with no moving parts your plants will thrive from the blend of premium Osram LED's which will deliver you a high quality yield with a 93 degrees beam angle which provides an even distribution of light. Operating silently using a passive cooling systems your to ensure a cooler environment. The Telos 0010 Pro features UV protection elements, IP66 water & dust proof and will provide plants with 100% light for up to 85,000 hours.

The Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Light Features

  • 285w Power consumption
  • Running at least 10 °C cooler
  • 100% premium Osram LED's
  • Improved spectrum for greater visibility
  • 100% light for up to 85,000 hours continuous use
  • Single Stage Holographic Optics
  • Passive Cooling System
  • IP66 and UV protection
  • CE Certified
  • PPF efficiency of up to 2.5 µmol/joule
  • PPF output of 719 µmol/s+
  • Simple installation
  • 3 Year Warranty

Illuminate Your Indoor Garden with Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Light 285W

Achieve optimal plant growth with the Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Light 285W, a high-performance and energy-efficient grow light designed specifically for indoor horticulture enthusiasts. Its full-spectrum light output, coupled with advanced heat management, ensures proper and even coverage for optimal plant growth.

Features and Benefits

  • Full-spectrum light: Emits an optimal blend of wavelengths that replicates natural sunlight, promoting healthy growth and photosynthesis in your plants.
  • High efficacy: Integrated with highly efficient Cree and Osram LEDs, it achieves an impressive efficacy of 2.5 µmol/J, ensuring superior light output while minimising power consumption.
  • Passive cooling: Utilises advanced heat management that eliminates the need for noisy, dust-collecting fans, providing a silent and low-maintenance operation.
  • Wide coverage: Designed with a 120-degree beam angle for even light distribution, covering up to 1.2m x 1.2m area per unit, making it perfect for small or large indoor gardens.
  • Long lifespan: The Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Light boasts an incredible 80,000-hour lifespan, ensuring years of reliable performance with minimal degradation.

How to Use

  1. Secure the requisite hanging equipment to the ceiling or mounting points above your indoor garden, maintaining a safe distance from the plants.
  2. Attach the Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Light to the hanging equipment using its integrated hanging points, ensuring that it is evenly balanced and secure.
  3. Connect the power cable to a suitable power outlet, ensuring that the cable is safely managed to avoid accidents.
  4. Switch the Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Light on and adjust the height as needed, depending on the plant species and growth stage, to provide optimal light intensity.

Aqua Gardening Suggests These are Best For

The Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Light 285W is ideal for hydroponic gardening, indoor greenhouses, and grow tents, catering to the needs of both professional growers and hobbyists seeking high-performance lighting solutions for their indoor gardens. It is suitable for all plant life stages, from seedling to flowering and fruiting, ensuring robust all-year-round growth.

Telos 6 Pro and Telos 10 Pro Comparison of Specifications

Photometric Telos 6 Pro Telos 10 Pro Unit
PBAR (380-780nm) 420 703 ?mol / s
PPF (400-700) 410 680 ?mol / s
Efficiency 2.4 2.5 ?mol / s
CRI 87 86 -
Colour Temp 3450 3160 Kelvin
Beam Angle 87 87 Degrees
Eye Safety RG1 RG1 IEC62471-2009
Power Input 175 285 W
Voltage Input Range 90-305 90-305 V-AC: 47-63Hz
Input Current 0.76 0.25 A
Maxed Link Units 10 6 -
Weight 4 6.5 Kg
Dimensions 309x236x113 519x236x177 mm
Ingress Protection IP66 IP66 ICE6059
Operating Temperature 30-38 28-33 ºC + ambient


What is the Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Light used for?

The Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Light is designed for optimal plant growth and development, making it ideal for indoor gardens, greenhouses, and grow tents where natural sunlight is limited.

How energy-efficient is the Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Light?

With a power consumption of 285W, the Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Light is highly energy-efficient compared to traditional grow lights, ensuring lower electricity costs and less heat production.

Is the Telos 10 Pro suitable for all stages of plant growth?

Yes, the Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Light provides a full-spectrum light output, making it suitable for all stages of plant growth, from seedlings to flowering and fruiting.

Can I control the light intensity of the Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Light?

Yes, the Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Light comes with dimming capabilities, allowing you to adjust the light intensity according to your plants' needs and preferences.

Does the Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Light generate a lot of heat?

The Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Light has a passive cooling system, which reduces the amount of heat generated during operation. This ensures a safer and more comfortable growing environment for your plants.

What is the coverage area of the Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Light?

The Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Light is ideal for a growing area measuring approximately 4' x 4' (1.2m x 1.2m) during the vegetative stage and 3' x 3' (0.9m x 0.9m) during the flowering stage.

How long is the warranty period for the Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Light?

The Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Light comes with a 3-year warranty, ensuring you receive a high-quality and reliable product for your indoor garden.

How do I install the Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Light?

The Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Light is easy to install, with hanging hooks and a power cable provided. Simply attach the hooks to your desired height and plug the light into an electrical outlet.

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