Enhance Your Indoor Garden Control with Trolmaster Hydro-X System Sensors and Adapters

Take your indoor gardening experience to the next level with the wide range of Trolmaster Hydro-X System Sensors and Adapters. These high-quality tools are designed to provide precise environmental monitoring and control, ensuring optimal growth and health for your plants.

Features and Benefits

  • Precision sensors: Obtain accurate air temperature, humidity, CO2, and light measurements to create the perfect environment for your plants.
  • Water-resistant enclosures: Durable and rugged design to withstand the harsh conditions within your growing area.
  • Built-in LCD display: Allows for easy on-site monitoring of your growing conditions.
  • Push-lock connections: Simplify installation and enhance the stability of your sensors.
  • Expandable systems: Add up to 50 sensors and multiple control devices to suit your growing area's specific needs.

How to Use

  1. Select the appropriate sensor or adapter that best suits your indoor gardening needs.
  2. Install the sensor or adapter following the manufacturer's instructions, ensuring proper placement and secure connections.
  3. Calibrate and configure your Trolmaster Hydro-X System to achieve optimal control over your growing environment.
  4. Monitor and adjust settings as needed, helping you maintain an ideal environment for your plants.

Aqua Gardening Suggests These are Best For

This range of Trolmaster Hydro-X System Sensors and Adapters is perfect for indoor gardeners looking to improve their environmental control and monitoring capabilities. It's ideal for those running hydroponic systems, greenhouses, or any controlled environment where precision and adaptability are key factors for success. Ultimately, these tools help maximise plant growth, yield, and overall health.

Notes from Aqua Gardening

  • Ensure sensors remain dry and clean to prevent premature failure. Avoid spraying foreign substances or allowing water/condensate to come in contact with sensors.
  • Some sensors and adapters may require additional components, such as supplemental power or specific control modules, to function correctly. Be sure to check the product details for any additional requirements.
  • Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations and guidelines for proper installation, usage, and maintenance of your Trolmaster Hydro-X System Sensors and Adapters.


What does the MBS-PRO 4-in-1 sensor measure?

The MBS-PRO 4-in-1 sensor measures air temperature, humidity, CO2 (PPM) levels, and light intensity, making it a versatile all-in-one environmental sensor for the Hydro-X Pro system.

Can I use multiple MBS-PRO sensors in my growing area?

Yes, you can use multiple MBS-PRO sensors in your growing area. Up to 50 sensors can be connected to the Hydro-X Pro system, allowing you to take measurements from various locations.

How should I maintain my Hydro-X sensors?

Sensors should remain dry and clean to avoid premature failure. Do not spray any substances on the sensors, and avoid exposure to water or condensation.

What is the purpose of the Hydro-X CO2 Sensor (MBS-S8)?

The Hydro-X CO2 Sensor (MBS-S8) measures CO2 levels within the growing area, allowing users to connect and control supplemental CO2 systems with the Hydro-X system.

How does the Hydro-X Smoke Detector (MBS-SD) work?

The Hydro-X Smoke Detector (MBS-SD) alerts the user to the presence of smoke in their growing area at all times. Up to 5 smoke detectors can be connected to a single Hydro-X controller, and if any of them detect smoke, the user will receive an alert on their phone.

How can the Hydro-X Water Detector + Touch Spot (WD-2) help in preventing water leaks?

The Hydro-X Water Detector (WD-2) can detect water leaks or water on the floor of your growing area. Up to 5 water detectors can be connected to a single Hydro-X controller, and if any of them detect a water leak, the system will send a user-alert to notify you.

What is the purpose of the Hydro-X Full Spec Quantum Sensor (MBS-PAR)?

The Hydro-X Full Spec Quantum Sensor (MBS-PAR) measures photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) from various light sources used to grow plants. When used with the Hydro-X controller, this sensor automatically adjusts the lighting output to maintain the selected lighting level (in PPFD).

Can the Hydro-X Lighting Adapter (Lucius) be used with Sunsystem ballasts?

The Hydro-X Lighting Adapter (Lucius) LMA-13 is specifically designed for controlling Sunsystem ballasts, except for the SunSystem LEC 630 model.

What is the purpose of the Hydro-X Lighting Adapter Gavita & LED (LMA-14)?

The Hydro-X Lighting Adapter Gavita & LED (LMA-14) allows the Hydro-X system to control most horticultural lighting fixtures, including Gavita and LED models, through low-volt control options.

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