Effortlessly Create Leak-proof Pipe-to-Tank Connections with Uniseal Rubber Pipe to Tank Seals

Uniseal Rubber Pipe to Tank Seals offer a revolutionary and hassle-free method for securing pipe-to-tank connections, saving you time, effort, and the need for complex hardware. Whether it's for a simple home garden irrigation system or critical industrial applications, these flexible rubber seals are up to the task.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple installation: Uniseal Rubber Pipe to Tank Seals are incredibly easy to install, requiring only a hole in the wall of a tank or other surface and a slippery detergent like dish soap for inserting the PVC pipe.
  • Single injection moulded unit: These innovative seals do away with the need for traditional plumbing hardware such as rigid flanges, bolts, washers, and o-rings.
  • Tight liquid seal: As the pipe passes through the seal, the inside Alcryn wall thins out, forming a tight liquid seal that can handle pressures up to 65 PSI in static conditions.
  • Superior grip: The coefficient of friction with plastic pipes is approximately three times higher than with other materials, allowing for a better seal than any other options in the market.
  • Resilient and durable: Uniseal Rubber Pipe to Tank Seals can withstand pressure, suction, acids, oils, greases, gasoline, sewage, waste, heat, and cold, providing a long-lasting solution for various applications.

How to Use

  1. Cut a hole in the tank or surface using a holesaw of the size indicated, ensuring no cracks or burrs form.
  2. Insert the Uniseal with the wide surface facing out. Ensure a clean and square-cut pipe, sanding off any rough edges to prevent seal damage.
  3. Apply soap or lube to the pipe before inserting it into the Uniseal, allowing about 20mm clearance on the inside.
  4. Use a mallet to tap the pipe into place, taking care not to damage the wall or the inside of the Uniseal with excessive force.

Aqua Gardening Suggests These are Best For

Uniseal Rubber Pipe to Tank Seals are ideal for homeowners looking for a hassle-free solution to garden irrigation systems, as well as professionals working in industries that require complex pipe-to-tank connections. They're also perfect for use in plumbing applications that demand a secure, leak-free seal for water, sewage, and chemical transport.

Pipe Size and Type Cat # Pipe outside Diameter
Hole Saw Size
5mm/ 3/16" Pressure Pipe 2U018 6.4mm 0.25" 8mm 1/3"
6mm/ 1/4" Pressure Pipe 2U025 9.5mm 0.37" 13mm 1/2"
10mm/ 3/8" Pressure Pipe 2U038 17.1 0.67" 25mm 1"
15mm/ 1/2" Pressure Pipe 2U050 21.3mm 0.84" 32mm 1.25"
20mm/ 3/4" Pressure Pipe 2U075 26.6mm 1.05" 32mm 1.25"
25mm/ 1" Pressure Pipe 2U100 33.4mm 1.315" 44mm 1.75"
32mm/ 1 1/4" Pressure Pipe 2U125 42.1mm 1.66" 51mm 2"
40mm/ 1 1/2" Pressure Pipe 2U150 48.2mm 1.9" 64mm 2.5"
50mm/ 2" Pressure Pipe 2U200 60.3mm 2.375" 76mm 3"
50mm/ 2" Drain Pipe (DWV) 2U200-35 55.3mm 2.16" 76mm 3"
90mm/ 3" Stormwater Pipe 2U300 89mm 3.5" 102mm 4"
100mm/ 4" Pressure Pipe 2U400 114.3mm 4.5" 127mm 5"
100mm/ 4" Drain Pipe (DWV) 2U400-35 110mm 4.29" 127mm 5"
+/- 1mm
+/- 0.032
+/- 2mm
+/- 0.062


What is a Uniseal Rubber Pipe to Tank Seal?

Uniseal Rubber Pipe to Tank Seal is an innovative product designed to replace traditional plumbing hardware for pipe to tank connections. It is a single injection moulded unit that provides a liquid-tight seal when a PVC pipe is pushed through it. Uniseal can withstand pressure, suction, acids, oils, greases, gasoline, sewage, waste, heat, and cold. It simplifies the connection process, reducing labor and material costs.

How do I install a Uniseal Rubber Pipe to Tank Seal?

A:1. Cut a hole using a holesaw of the size indicated, ensuring that the hole is clean with no burrs.

2. Insert the Uniseal with the wide surface facing out.

3. Ensure that the pipe to be inserted is cut clean and square at the end. Sand the edges to eliminate rough or sharp edges.

4. Apply soap or lube on the pipe to be inserted.

5. Insert the pipe into the Uniseal as far as needed to clear the inside of the seal by about 20mm.

6. Use some force if necessary, such as a mallet, but be careful not to damage the wall or the inside of the Uniseal with excessive force.

How do I select the correct Uniseal size for my PVC pipe?

Refer to the Uniseal Pipe and Hole Saw Guide provided by Aqua Gardening, which lists Uniseal sizes, relevant hole saw sizes in metric and imperial measures, and correct pipe outer diameters (OD). It is essential to use the correct size to ensure a proper seal and fit between the Uniseal and your PVC pipe.

What is the difference between DWV and Pressure Pipes?

DWV (Drain, Waste, Vent) and Pressure Pipes are two types of PVC pipes used for different purposes. DWV pipes are generally used for rainwater or wastewater and do not come under pressure. They are often more brittle and less thick than pressure pipes. Pressure pipes, on the other hand, are of higher quality and are used for residential housing to reticulate water from the mains water system. Pressure pipes are also acceptable for use with potable water.

Can Uniseal Rubber Pipe to Tank Seal be used with different types of pipes?

Uniseal is primarily designed for use with PVC pressure pipes. However, 89/90mm Uniseals are suitable for 90mm stormwater pipes and specific sizes are available for DWV 50mm and 100mm pipes. It is crucial to use the correct Uniseal size and type for the specific pipe you are working with to ensure a proper fit and seal.

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