Uniseal is simply the world's best seal. It's rubber and quick and simple to install:

  • After cutting a hole in the wall of a tank or other surface, the seal is inserted.
  • Then the PVC pipe is coated with a slippery detergent (i.e. dish soap) and pushed into the seal.

Uniseal products replace traditional plumbing hardware with a single injection moulded unit requiring no component parts. It was designed to solve many of the issues of pipe to tank connections. For many industries pipe to tank seals are traditionally among the most complex connections to manufacture. Traditional seals require multiple parts such as, rigid flanges, bolts, washers, o-rings, along with long assembly times and high production costs. The Du Pont Alcryn is the key to the liquid-tight seal. When the pipe is pushed through the rubber-like Uniseal from the outside, the inside Alcryn wall becomes thin enough to allow the pipe to squeeze through and then forms a liquid-tight seal. The coefficient of friction with the plastic pipe is roughly three times higher than any other material which allows it to create a better seal than with any other material. In static conditions the seal is good up to 65 PSI. Uniseal can withstand pressure, and suction, acids, oils, greases, gasoline, sewage, waste, heat and cold. It offers long life, easy installation and reduced labour and material costs. For the Uniseal 20mm (¾ inch) you need to drill a 31.75mm (1 ¼ inch) hole.

Uniseal Installation Instructions

  1. Cut hole with holesaw to the size indicated. Take care as lower quality plastics may crack.
  2. Ensure that the hole is clean with no burrs. Irregular holes may cause leaks.
  3. Insert the Uniseal with the wide surface facing out.
  4. Make certain the pipe to be inserted is cut clean and square at the end. Sand the edges so there are no rough or sharp edges to cut the surface of the Uniseal.
  5. Use soap or lube on the pipe to be inserted. Insert the pipe into the uniseal as far as needed to clear the inside of the seal by about 20mm. The lubricant will be squeezed off of the pipe as it passes through the Uniseal.
  6. Some force may be required ie. use a mallet. Take care not to damage the wall or the inside of the uniseal with too much force.


Uniseal Hole Sizes

Here is a list of the uniseal sizes Aqua Gardening stocks, and the relevant hole saw sizes in metric and imperial measures.

Uniseal and Pipe Size - Metric (Imperial) / Hole Saw Size - Metric (Imperial)

  • 20mm Uniseal (¾ inch) / 32mm (1 ¼ inch) hole
  • 25mm Uniseal (1 inch) / 44mm (1 ¾ inch) hole
  • 32mm Uniseal (1 ¼ inch) / 51mm (2 inch) hole
  • 40mm Uniseal (1 ½ inch) / 64mm (2 ½ inch) hole
  • 50mm Uniseal (2 inch) / 76mm (3 inch) hole
  • 89mm Uniseal (3 ½ inch) / 102mm (4 inch) hole
  • 100mm Uniseal (4 inch) / 127mm (5 inch) hole

Uniseal Suitable Pipe Sizes

All of the pipe sizes listed are for PVC Pressure Pipe*. There is one exception, 89mm uniseals are only suitable for 90mm Stormwater pipe. To double check your pipe, the correct pipe outer diameters (OD) are as follows:

  • 20mm Uniseal - 26.6mm OD
  • 25mm Uniseal - 33.4mm OD
  • 32mm Uniseal - 42.1mm OD
  • 40mm Uniseal - 48.2mm OD
  • 50mm Uniseal - 60.3mm OD
  • 89mm Uniseal - 89.0mm OD
  • 100mm Uniseal - 114.3mm OD



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