Introducing the Wall Garden Kit by Aqua Gardening. The Wall Garden Kit will suit a 1.5m high brick or wooden wall. It comes with:

  • Five Wall Garden planters
  • A 50L water reservoir containing hydroponic nutrients
  • A pump to lift the water up to 1.5m height (maximum)
  • Strong aluminium frame with wall brackets and screws
  • Growing Media (Perlite / Vermiculite) to plant your plants directly into
  • All the fittings required to water the plants
  • Nutrient sachets to add to the water reservoir and feed the plants with

Details on the Wall Garden Kit

The Wall Garden planters are made from strong polypropylene plastic which is inert and has a long life. After the planters are placed onto the aluminium frame, they are filled with growing media for the plants to grow inside. Using a perlite / vermiculite mix for the growing media saves using a heavy potting mix which degrades over time and causes blockages. The Wall Garden kit is supplied with a 50L tub which is filled with a solution of water and nutrients. Using perlite / vermiculite with a nutrient solution is a form of hydroponics - plants will grow around 3 times faster than using soil!

Natural Plant Growth

Plants grow upward on the Wall Garden planters like they would in a garden bed. The planters allow you to build a vertical garden with more plant varieties that grow healthier and more full.

Grow Herbs & Veggies

Wall garden is an easy way to successfully grow herbs & veggies. It's the perfect way to create a new edible garden in your backyard or on your balcony!

Simple DIY Installation

Building a vertical garden has never been easier. All it takes is a drill and a screwdriver, and you have an amazing green wall or edible wall garden. Create what you want!

A 240V power source is required for the kit. The pump included in the kit has a 1.5m cable. A preset wall timer is provided to start the pump and water the plants 3 to 4 times a day.


SKU 127961
Brand Kit
Shipping Weight 30.0000kg
Shipping Width 1.170m
Shipping Height 0.500m
Shipping Length 0.600m
Shipping Cubic 0.351000000m3
Type Kits

Product includes:

  • 1 x Aqua One Maxi Water Pump [104]
  • 2 x Perlite / Vermiculite 70-30 Grow Media [25L]
  • 12 x Powder Feeding Grow Nutrient by Green House Seed Company [10g]
  • 1 x Barbed Tap InLine Water Valve [13mm]
  • 1 x Black Poly Crate Tub 52L [1 Tub]
  • 1 x Black Poly Crate Lid For 32 or 52L [1 Lid]
  • 1 x Pipe Clamp / Ratchet Clip [19mm]
  • 1 x Top Hat Rubber Grommet [13mm]
  • 1 x Barbed End Plug [13mm]
  • 4 x Barbed Reducing Tee [6 x 13mm]
  • 1 x Barbed Elbow [13mm]
  • 1 x Barbed Reducing Joiner [13 x 19mm]
  • 1 x HPM 24hr Mechanical Timer Single Pack 15min Increments
  • 1 x Wall Garden Planter Frame with Brackets and Screws [49 x 120cm]
  • 1 x Wall Garden Planter Box - Pack of 5 [5 x 10L]

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