Heavy Duty Net pots are a good way to hold hydroponic media and plants in a wide variety of systems. They suit a range of plant sizes from lettuce and herbs to large tomato plants or other fruiting and flowering vegetables.

  • Commonly known as Small Tomato Pots, Mesh Pots or Basket Pots
  • Use in N.F.T channel, Deep Water Culture, top feeding systems, aeroponics, aquaponics and flood and drain systems
  • Heavy duty net pots can be used in PVC pipe hydroponic channel systems but we don't recommend those systems as they are hard to clean
  • With Heavy duty net pots you'll toss fewer broken pots away. They feature a heavier-gauge and more dense plastic netting, which is more resistant to cracking and breakdown than the lighter, manufactured net pots

80mm Heavy Duty Net Pot Specifications

  • 80mm diameter (86mm diameter around rim, 80mm around throat - drill hole at 80mm)
  • 66mm diameter at base (tapered from wider top to narrower bottom)
  • 75mm high
  • Volume of pot is approx 250ml - so 250ml of Clay Pebbles or Perlite will be required as grow media

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SKU AG1795
Brand Generic
Type Pots

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