Improve Fish Health with API Aquarium Salt

API Aquarium Salt is designed to boost the overall well-being of your fish by enhancing gill function, allowing for easier breathing, and replenishing essential electrolytes for peak colouration and vitality. Ideal for use in freshwater aquariums during setup and water changes, this 1.8kg pack will ensure your fish thrive in a healthy environment.

Features and Benefits

  • Promotes healthy gill function: By improving gill performance, API Aquarium Salt enables fish to breathe more comfortably in their tank.
  • Replenishes vital electrolytes: Helping to maintain proper electrolyte balance, the salt allows fish to achieve their best possible colouration and vitality.
  • Easy to use: With simple instructions, API Aquarium Salt can be quickly added to your tank during setup and water changes.
  • Large 1.8kg pack: With a generous quantity, this pack will last numerous aquarium setups and water changes, ensuring consistent health benefits for your fish.
  • Safe for use in freshwater aquariums: API Aquarium Salt can be safely used in freshwater environments without harming your fish or upsetting tank balance.

How to Use

  1. When setting up a new aquarium or performing a water change, measure the required amount of API Aquarium Salt using the guidelines below.
  2. For every 20 litres of aquarium water, add 1 rounded tablespoon of salt.
  3. For every 2 litres of aquarium water, add 0.5 teaspoon of salt.
  4. Carefully mix the salt into the water, ensuring complete dissolution before adding it to your tank.
  5. Monitor your fish for any signs of discomfort or stress after introducing the salt and adjust usage accordingly.

Aqua Gardening Suggests These are Best For

API Aquarium Salt is perfect for fish keepers who wish to support the optimal health and well-being of their freshwater fish, as well as those establishing new aquariums or conducting regular water changes. Although suitable for most tanks, caution should be exercised when using salt in aquariums with live plants, as some may be sensitive to increased salinity.

Notes from Aqua Gardening

  • API Aquarium Salt should not be used in saltwater aquariums or with species sensitive to salt, such as some aquatic plants or invertebrates.
  • Always monitor your fish and plants for any signs of distress after introducing salt to the aquarium, and adjust usage if necessary.
  • Follow the recommended dosage directions and consult with a professional if you are unsure about the suitability of API Aquarium Salt for your specific tank setup.


What are the benefits of using API Aquarium Salt in my freshwater aquarium?

Using API Aquarium Salt in your freshwater aquarium can improve fish health by enhancing gill function, making it easier for them to breathe. It also replenishes essential electrolytes that promote peak colouration and vitality in fish. These electrolytes are lost during water changes and need to be restored using products like API Aquarium Salt.

How should I use API Aquarium Salt when setting up a new aquarium or performing a water change?

For new aquarium setups and water changes, dissolve 1 rounded tablespoon of API Aquarium Salt for every 20 litres of aquarium water. Alternatively, use 0.5 teaspoon for every 2 litres of water. Then, add the mixture to your aquarium.

Can I use API Aquarium Salt with live plants in my aquarium?

Care should be taken when using salt in aquariums with live plants. Some plants may be sensitive to salts. Before adding API Aquarium Salt to a planted aquarium, review the specific needs and tolerances of your aquarium plants to avoid causing any harm.

How often should I add API Aquarium Salt to my aquarium?

API Aquarium Salt should be added during new aquarium setup, water changes, and whenever needed to maintain appropriate electrolyte levels. It is essential to monitor the health of your fish and adjust the frequency and dosage based on their specific requirements.

Is API Aquarium Salt safe for all freshwater fish species?

API Aquarium Salt is generally safe for most freshwater fish species when used according to the directions given. However, some fish species and plants may be more sensitive to salt than others. It is crucial to research your specific fishes' and plants' requirements before using API Aquarium Salt to ensure their health and well-being.

Can I use API Aquarium Salt in a saltwater aquarium?

API Aquarium Salt is designed specifically for use in freshwater aquariums to replenish and maintain electrolyte levels. It is not intended for use in saltwater aquariums, as marine aquariums have different water parameter requirements.

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