Create a Stunning Natural Pondless Waterfall

Transform your garden into a tranquil oasis with this complete Pondless Waterfall with Stream Kit, perfect for DIY enthusiasts or those looking to hire a professional to install it. Including all the necessary components to build a beautiful disappearing waterfall, this kit simplifies the installation process, taking the hassle out of constructing your very own natural water feature.

Features and Benefits

  • All-in-one kit: Provides all necessary components for a complete pondless waterfall system, eliminating the need to purchase individual items.
  • Pondless Waterfall Vault: Offers easy access to your pump and water level checking, simplifying maintenance.
  • AquaBlox®: Reduces the need for excessive gravel and stone, streamlining the basin construction.
  • AquaSurge® 3000 Pond Pump: Ensures powerful water flow rates up to 12,000 litres per hour for an impressive waterfall effect.
  • LED lighting package: Illuminates your waterfall at night, creating an enchanting evening setting.
  • Automatic Dosing System: Automatically adds water treatments when needed, maintaining your waterfall in pristine condition.

How to Use

  1. Select a suitable location in your garden for your waterfall, ideally on a natural slope or incline, if possible.
  2. Lay the Firestone EPDM Liner, ensuring it covers the entire area where the waterfall and stream will be built, providing adequate protection for the water and components.
  3. Assemble the AquaBasin 45 Catch Tank according to the provided instructions, then position and install the tank at the base of your waterfall.
  4. Connect the 8000L/hr Aquasurge Pond Pump to the Flexible PVC Pipe and position it within the Pondless Waterfall Vault, attaching the AquaSurge Low Suction Intake Attachment.
  5. Install the Waterfall Spillway at the top of your waterfall, connecting the other end of the Flexible PVC Pipe to it.
  6. Use large rocks, boulders, and smaller stones to build the waterfall structure and stream, ensuring a natural look. Use the Pond and Waterfall Foam Sealant to fill in gaps and direct water flow.
  7. Install the LED lighting package to highlight your waterfall's features during nighttime hours.
  8. Add water treatment to the Automatic Dosing System and let it work to maintain your disappearing waterfall seamlessly.

Aqua Gardening Suggests These are Best For

This Natural Pondless Waterfall with Stream Kit is perfect for garden enthusiasts, DIY backyard landscapers, or those looking to hire a professional pond contractor. The kit works well in various garden sizes and styles, ideal for those wanting to add a touch of tranquillity and serenity to their outdoor space.


What are the benefits of a Complete Pondless Waterfall Kit?

The Complete Pondless Waterfall Kit offers various benefits, such as providing all necessary components in one convenient package, eliminating the guesswork of purchasing individual components. The included Pondless Waterfall Vault allows easy access to the pump and water level checks, while the AquaBlox® remove the need for large quantities of gravel and stone. The kit features an AquaSurge® 3000 Pond Pump with flow rates up to 12,000 litres per hour and a complete LED lighting package to illuminate the waterfall at night. Additionally, it includes the Automatic Dosing System for Fountains with water treatment, which adds necessary water treatments automatically when needed.

What products are included in the Aquascapes Natural Waterfall Kit?

The Aquascapes Natural Waterfall Kit includes:

- Aquascapes Backyard Waterfall Landscaper Pond Kit

- Waterfall Spillway

- AquaBasin 45 Catch Tank

- 8000L/hr Aquasurge Pond Pump

- AquaSurge Low Suction Intake Attachment

- Flexible PVC Pipe (40mm diameter x 7.5m long)

- Firestone EPDM Liner (2.44m x 2.44m)

- Installation Kit with fittings, silicone sealant, and pond and waterfall foam sealant.

How does the AquaBasin 45 Catch Tank simplify installation and maintenance?

The AquaBasin 45 Catch Tank simplifies installation by being designed for easy setup, and it can store up to 370 litres of water. This large water storage capacity significantly reduces maintenance, as it ensures that the water level in the basin remains stable for longer periods. The AquaBasin 45 is made of professional-grade, high-density polyethylene and is backed by a lifetime warranty, providing durable and reliable support for your pondless waterfall.

Can I install the Natural Pondless Waterfall with Stream by myself?

Yes, the Natural Pondless Waterfall with Stream - DIY Kit allows you to install the waterfall yourself, following the provided instructions. However, if you prefer a professional installation, you can choose the option to have it installed by a professional pond contractor.

Does the kit include any lighting for the waterfall at night?

Yes, the Natural Pondless Waterfall with Stream kit includes a complete LED lighting package to illuminate the waterfall and enhance its beauty at night.

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