The new Rhino K Potassium Flower Booster from Bio Diesel is formulated to increase flowering with denser development and heavier and harder flowers with increased trichome production.

The pH neutral additive features a unique form of Potassium in combination with Vitamins and Fulvates which facilitates maximum nutrient availability and increased transfer of key sugars resulting in a significant increase in bud burst.

The Phosphorous free additive is more microbe friendly than most competing PK bloom additives, and is formulated to not leave any harsh residues, resulting in a clean, heavy harvest free from harsh chemicals or heavy metals.

Rhino K is recommended to be used during the last 3 weeks of budding to harden and swell flowers during the crucial later stages of bloom. The Fulvates maximise key nutrient movement, channeling all the energy and plant reserves towards bud formation and enhanced trichome and increased oil production.

Key Benefits

  • Aids in key nutrient mobility and sugar production
  • More flowering sites with heavier blooms
  • Increases Trichrome and Terpene production
  • Larger bud calyx production for harder flowers
  • More colour at harvest  
  • No harsh residuals at harvest. A smoother clean finish  


Add 1-2ml per Litre of water to your nutrient solution during the flowering tage

For aggressive flowering, use 2ml/L of water

Foliar Spray 1ml/L during lights off.


Add 1ml/L of Rhino K for the last 3 weeks of the Flowering cycle


SKU AG3016
Brand Sensi Pro
Type Additives

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