The Black Plastic Pail is 20 litres and comes with a lid and a strong handle. Great flex in the plastic for drilling holes into with a holesaw. Use the bucket as a water reservoir with a top hat grommet or a tub outlet. The Black Pails are made from food grade plastic, however are not UV stabilised. We chose to have the plastic as safe as possible to ensure healthy produce, rather than to add a UV stabiliser. The buckets still last well in the sun without UV protection.

  • The light blocking black plastic prevents algae.
  • Australian made.
  • The sturdy and sealable lid makes a strong platform for DWC (Deep Water Culture) hydroponic plants.
  • The large diameter allows for 140mm to 300mm net pots. This makes it an budget alternative to PlantIt 20L plastic buckets.
  • An alternative use for the black plastic pail is in aquaponics. A DIY filter can be created inside to trap solids before they reach your grow media.

Black plastic pail further information

When the pail's lid is sealed in place, it will need to be broken to release the lid. The lid will still seal tightly afterward, but the "tamper evident" seal will be broken. The black plastic bucket can be fitted with uniseals and bulkheads (tub outlets) because the plastic is easy to drill. This makes the pails useful for water uses where light needs to be blocked. The black plastic pail is easy to cut holes using hole saws because the plastic is a good quality and has some stretch.

Black Bucket and Lid Dimensions

  • Max Outer Dimensions - 34cm diameter and 41cm high
  • Bucket height without lid - 39cm
  • The diameter of the bucket around the top rim is exactly 29cm
  • Outer Diameter of the bucket base is 26cm

(SKU: AG1300)


SKU AG1300
Brand Generic
Warranty Length 1 Year
Warranty Conditions Replacement Warranty
Type Tubs Trays Buckets

Replacement Warranty - Store warranty, this product needs to be returned to Aqua Gardening for testing and replacement.

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