ISO MAX Fan Flow rates

The following flow rates are all in metres cubed per hour, to match the corresponding Can Lite Carbon Filter

150mm - 410m3/hr - comes with 3 speed control - 1st = 310m3/hr, 2nd = 360m3/hr and top speed 3rd = 410m3/hr

200mm - 870m3/hr - comes with 3 speed control - 1st = 690m3/hr, 2nd = 740m3/hr and top speed 3rd = 870m3/hr

250mm - 1480m3/hr - no speed control

315mm - 2380m3/hr - no speed control


Why use an Iso Max fan Made by Can Fan?

With normal centrifugal fans, most of the noise seems to travel with the air flow of the fan. The very innovative design of the ISO Max Fans helps reverse a large percentage of this noise which is then muffled by the silenced housing and carbon filter (if you're using one).

The ISO MAX Can Fan centrifugal fans are specifically designed to operate in indoor grow rooms with a minimal drop in flow rate. Don’t be misled by incorrect fan flow output listed on the boxes of other fans. These fans are industry regulated and have been certified under professional testing conditions.

Centrifugal fans should be used in any application that requires air to be pulled or pushed through lengths of ducting greater than five metres, multiple air cooled lights, or with carbon filters. Centrifugal force spirals air for maximum flow rates in high pressure situations.


How to match a Fan to a Can Lite Carbon Filter

Did you know the model number of a Can-Lite filter also tells you its airflow in Cubic Metres per hour?

For example, the airflow of a Can-Lite 1000 would ideally be up to 1000 Cubic Metres per hour. So the ideal Iso Max fan for this filter would be the Iso Max 200 - with a top flow of 870m3/hr.

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SKU AG1827
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Repair Warranty - Manufacturer warranty, this product needs to be returned to Aqua Gardening and then sent to the supplier for testing and repair.

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