Especially designed for use in hydroponic systems with clay, perlite or rockwool growing media, Optimum Grow was one of the first products introduced by Growth Technology over 20 years ago. Optimum Grow is designed to supply the nutritional needs of the plant during the vegetative stage of the growth cycle. High levels of nitrate nitrogen encourage rapid leaf and shoot growth.

Why should you buy Optimum Grow?

  • Optimum Grow is part of a complete and balanced twin pack nutrient solution that supplies all the nutritional requirements for healthy hydroponic plant growth.
  • Optimum Grow remains Australia's most trusted hydroponic nutrient solution.
  • Use 20% less than for single part Ionic Grow (requires 10ml/L).
  • Mix rate of 4ml/L Part A and 4ml/L Part B for full strength solution.


SKU AG1732
Brand Growth Technology
Type Nutrient Liquid

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