Enhance Your Soil with Gypsum Soil Conditioning Powder

Transform and improve your garden soil with our Gypsum Soil Conditioning Powder, designed to provide vital nutrients, boost water infiltration and enhance your plant's growth and overall health. This 1kg bag of conditioning powder is an essential addition to your gardening toolkit, especially if you want to improve soil structure and enhance crop flavours and aromas.

Features and Benefits

  • Rich in Calcium and Sulfur: Natural source of essential nutrients for overall plant health and improved nutrient transportation.
  • Improves Soil Structure: Loosens the soil, allowing for better water infiltration and oxygen content.
  • Corrects Soil Sodicity: Helps in preventing and correcting excess sodium in the soil improving yield and flavour.
  • Enhances Crop Flavour and Aroma: Sulfur plays a vital role in nitrogen fixation and is involved in many vital plant processes, ensuring maximum terpene and resin production.
  • Boosts Plant Immune System: Sulfur aids in the proper functioning of the plant's immune system, combating oxidation stress.

How to Use

  1. Determine the amount of Gypsum needed based on the following recommendations: 2 cups per 25L of medium or 1 cup per plant for mid-cycle calcium issues.
  2. Choose the desired application method: top-dressing, mixing into the soil, or dissolving in water for immediate nutrient availability.
  3. Apply the Gypsum in heavy doses without any negative impact on plant health, providing an intermediate source of calcium and sulfur with a solubility of approximately 2g/L at room temperature.
  4. Monitor your soil condition and plant growth, adjusting the dosage and application methods as needed for optimum results.

Aqua Gardening Suggests These are Best For

Gypsum Soil Conditioning Powder is perfect for gardeners who want to improve their soil structure, boost plant health, and enhance the flavour and aroma of their crops. Ideal for all types of plants, this conditioning powder is a must-have for those seeking an organic solution to soil issues such as sodicity, nutrient imbalance, and poor water infiltration.


What is Gypsum used for in gardening?

Gypsum is used to improve soil structure, increase water infiltration, enhance crop flavours and aromas, and provide plants with essential nutrients like Calcium and Sulfur. It also helps prevent and correct soil sodicity, reduce surface crusting, and facilitate nutrient transportation within the plant.

How often should I apply Gypsum to my garden?

The frequency of Gypsum application depends on your soil's specific needs and deficiencies. In general, incorporating Gypsum once or twice a year should be sufficient for most gardens. However, you can use Gypsum more often if needed to rectify specific issues like calcium deficiency, soil sodicity, or poor water infiltration.

Is Gypsum safe for all types of plants?

Gypsum can benefit a wide range of plants by providing essential nutrients and improving soil conditions. However, it's essential to monitor your plants' health and adapt Gypsum application rates according to their specific requirements. If you have concerns or doubts about using Gypsum for a particular plant, consult a gardening expert or plant care guide for specific advice.

Can I use Gypsum in my vegetable garden?

Yes, Gypsum is an excellent addition to vegetable gardens as it improves soil structure and enhances the flavour and aroma of crops. Additionally, it provides plants with essential nutrients like Calcium and Sulfur, contributing to healthier plant growth and increased yields.

Can Gypsum be used to treat clay or compacted soil?

Yes, Gypsum can help treat clay or compacted soils by loosening the soil and improving its structure. This allows for better water infiltration and aeration, promoting healthier root growth and overall plant health. When amending clay or compacted soils, it's essential to incorporate Gypsum thoroughly into the soil for best results.

How long does it take for Gypsum to improve soil conditions?

Gypsum begins to work as soon as it dissolves and becomes available to plants in the soil. Typically, you can expect to see noticeable improvements in soil structure and plant growth within a few weeks to a few months after application, depending on factors like soil type, weather conditions, and existing soil nutrient levels.

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Corrects soil sodicity, Improves Calcium to Magnesium ratio in soil, Loosens soil improving water infiltration, soil structure and oxygen content, Enhances crop flavours and aromas, Plays a vital role in nitrogen fixation and many vital plant processes, Involved in proper function of the immune system of plants, Improves soil tilth, Reduces surface crusting, Increases yield and flavour, Facilitates intensive transportation of macro-molecules during bloom

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