Heavy Duty Rectangular ponds are Made of HMWPE (High Molecular Weight Polyethylene), and are suitable for most domestic and commercial applications. The ponds are freestanding and can be used above or below ground.

Freestanding Ponds with a Long Warranty

These rectangular freestanding ponds all come with a 20 year warranty against UV discolouration and cracking. To ensure you are covered by the warranty, ensure the pond is installed on a flat, and compacted (or concrete) base and not overfilled past the ribbed part of the rim (if unsupported).

Shipping Ponds

At Aqua Gardening, we ship ponds using couriers within Queensland and interstate. The shipping calculator on the Cart page provides quotes to our regular courier destinations, if it does not provide you with a quote please call Aqua Gardening online sales.

Ponds for Aquaponics

These heavy duty ponds are safe to use with Aquaponics. Unlike fiberglass, they do not deteriorate over time, and placed on a stable surface they are still covered by the 20 year warranty. The ponds may be used as grow beds or fish tanks.

Fish Pond / Tank Specifications

  • Rectanglular - 175 x 118cm
  • Depth - 60cm
  • Total Capacity - 1200L
  • Usable Capacity - approx 1100L


Tank Detailed Dimensions

For those needing the most accurate dimensions of this pond, please see the exterior and interior dimensions listed below:

  • Rim outer dimensions: 1745mm long x 1195mm wide
  • Rim width and height: Ribs around the rim are 150mm high from the top edge down. On the top edge of the pond the rim is 42.5mm wide.
  • Base outer dimension: 1580mm long x 1040mm wide
  • Outer height: 610mm, inside height: 600mm
  • Inside dimensions: Rim - 1660mm long x 1110mm wide
  • Inside dimensions: Base - 1540mm long x 1000mm wide

Outside of Aquaponics, these fish tanks are also used for Ponds and Aquaculture. The outside of the aquaponics fish tank is ribbed for extra strength, while the tank carries a 20 year guarantee against UV degradation and cracking. The recommended filling height of water is up to the ribbed part of the pond, 450mm in depth possible. If filled above 450mm deep, and without side support (such as burying in the ground), the unsupported pond may bow and develop stress marks.

(SKU: 124694)

SKU 124694
Barcode # 9343342001238
Brand Pondmax
Warranty Length 1 Year
Warranty Conditions Replacement Warranty
Shipping Weight 50.00 kg
Type Ponds

Replacement Warranty - Store warranty, this product needs to be returned to Aqua Gardening for testing and replacement.

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