Owen's Aquaponics Patio System

Hi All,

I would like to share one of my first aquaponics setups. This setup has since been wound down, but was one of my favourites. A lot of it was integrated into my larger system.

It consisted of 2 x 300L growbeds, a 1000L fish tank and 2 x 300L sump tanks. The base of the system was made from IBC’s, wrapped in reflective builders sarking, and covered with bamboo fencing.

A 5000LPH water pump was used as the “heart” of the system which primarily pumped from the sump tanks to the fish tanks, which then gravity fed to the growbeds, which emptied into the sumps. The system was primarily timed flood and drain, with a 15/45 minute cycle time. 25mm flexible hose was used for the pump side of things. A 65mm SLO gathered water from the tank which then stepped up to 90mm for flow, then at the growbeds stepped down to 40mm pipe. 25mm pipe and bulkheads was utilised to drain water from the growbeds, with 6mm holes drilled in the bottom of the standpipes to allow the growbeds to fully drain after the 15 minute fill cycle.

As this system was under a patio, I first installed 2 x 400w MH lights for growth.


Then later moved on to a 315w LEC grow light.

I first used “feeder goldfish” to cycle the system, which since have cycled 4 other systems, and I still have a few of them in my big system, and pond today!

After the cycling was carried out, Jade perch became the new residents to power the system.

Yabbies were also added to the sumps.

This system provided us with many herbs for the kitchen, as well as lettuce, cherry tomatoes and a host of other edible plants, which began me on my love for aquaponics.