Author: Aqua Gardening

LEC - The Latest Hydroponic Grow Lights

If you have an interest in gardening or want to start a business that involves growing plants, you need reliable solutions that ensure that your plant keeps growing successfully. Everyone that is interested in growing plants indoors knows that plants need a form of sunlight. Some plants might get by with just a little artificial sunlight but not all plants can manage this well.

There are LED lights available that can help plants grow to a certain extent. These lights ensure that the fruits, flowers, and herbs grow as much as possible. These lights are often used in the essential oil industry as they can create optimal conditions for the plants to grow.


What is LEC?

LEC hydroponic grow lights, also known as Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) lights are a newer form of lighting and they tend to perform better in certain conditions. LEC Lamps (Ceramic) have a broader spectrum than HPS lamps.